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Home energy rebates: Combine provincial, federal offers


It could be a very cold winter: get your rebates before March 31, 2012

Posted by Rob Klovance

Note: The ecoENERGY program has successfully reached its goal of 250,000 registered homeowners. As planned, the program is no longer accepting new registrations.

To help ensure registered homeowners have time to get their post-retrofit evaluations and receive a grant, the Government of Canada is extending the deadline to June 30, 2012, for homeowners to complete post-retrofit evaluations and apply for a grant. All retrofit renovations must still be completed by March 31, 2012.

There's some good news, and some bad news, about your home energy bills this winter.

First, the bad news. Meteorologists predict a very cold winter that could drive up your energy bills.

The good news? From now until March 31, 2012, B.C. homeowners are eligible for both provincial and federal rebate programs, LiveSmart BC and ecoENERGY, when performing energy efficiency upgrades.

That means access to up to $7,000 in rebates via LiveSmart and an additional $5,000 in grants via ecoENERGY.

Given the weather outlook, you may want insulation upgrades and draft proofing to be at or near the top of your list.

Rob Klovance is managing editor of bchydro.com