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BC Hydro holiday e-card: it's back, it's fun... it's tricky

Posted by Rob Klovance

What's a snowman without a nose, or perhaps with a missing eye? Depending on how well you, your friends and family "play" BC Hydro's 2009 holiday e-card, you might build a snowman who's missing a part or two.

Through donations made simply by playing the e-card, BC Hydro will be donating up to $25,000 to the BC Children's Hospital Foundation in support of the BC Hydro Power Pioneers' Miracle Million Campaign. The new e-card is the latest twist on what has become a wildly popular e-card for BC Hydro employees, partners and customers.

In the last two years, the award-winning e-card has resulted in more than two million "coin drops", which add up to individual donations to the BC Children's Hospital Foundation. Each year the card is a little different, but it's always fun – and this year's is the most interactive to date.

View the e-card at www.bchydro.com/holiday2009. You'll probably want to play it at least once before sending it along to friends and family.

About the Power Pioneers

The Power Pioneers came up with the idea of a holiday e-card three years ago. And it's just one example of how this group, made up of some 5,000 BC Hydro retirees and spouses, has worked to support B.C.'s communities.

The Power Pioneers' motto is: Supporting our communities and each other. And they're doing it by being active in a variety of social and community events and volunteer activities. They are a powerful force, and you can thank them for coming up with the idea of an annual holiday e-card that raises funds for such a great cause.

Rob Klovance is managing editor of bchydro.com.