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Langford woman with heat pump  

Home tech & efficiency

Langford woman happy with a heat pump

Disa Hovatta leaned on help from BC Hydro's renovation rebates to add comfort and efficiency to her home.


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How to read an LED light bulb package   

The basics on shopping for efficent lighting.


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Kitchen lighting must consider a variety of tasks, moods

With the evolution of the kitchen comes a need for even more attention on lighting.


'LED guy' knows his lighting, has low bills to prove it

When Paul DeMara contacted BC Hydro in 2012, he was a pioneer with a plan.


What to look for when shopping for LEDs

LED lighting technology has come a long way, offering a wide range in light and colour.





10 ways to cut laundry costs

Our tips won't just save you energy and money. They'll also keep your clothes looking better, longer.


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How much can I save with ENERGY STAR?

A quick look at the potential savings you'll get by upgrading appliances and using them efficiently.


Instant Pot living up to all the hype

The Instant Pot is a great choice for anyone looking to get further ahead on their meal prep, save time, or save energy.


Ensure your fridge is running smoothly

Appliances can use up to 20% of your household's electricity costs, and fridges use nearly half of this amount.



Home tech & efficiency


Better building techniques a boost to twin homes    

Two small-footprint homes in New Westminster benefit from air tightness and insulation.


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Tried, tested & comfortable in Chilliwack

The foundation of a Chilliwack home is made from insulated concrete forms, and it pays off in stable indoor temperatures.


There's more to ENERGY STAR than you might be aware of

Did you know there are ENERGY STAR printers, dehumidifiers and even homes?


PNE Prize Home is a six-part gem in the Okanagan

A look back at the 2017 home, before it was shipped to Naramata (in pieces) on flatbed trucks.



Winter bills


When it's cold outside, your bill goes up

Online tracking of your electricity use can help you spot the areas where you can save energy and money.


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5 ways to take the sting out of winter electricity bills

Our winters seem to be getting colder. Tips for keeping BC Hydro bill costs down while staying comfortable.


You could save hundreds of dollars with our 21 no-cost tips

The best way to start saving on your electricity costs is to get smart with how you use electricity. Make these 21 no-cost changes.


Winter home heating tips, just when you need them

You may find your electricity bill going up during the winter months. Increased heating and other winter energy habits.