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Strategic plan key to efficient energy management at UNBC

Image of David Claus, UNBC director of facilities management and capital planning

It's pretty easy to see that strategic energy management serves a vital role in keeping energy efficiency top of mind at the University of Northern British Columbia. David Claus, UNBC director of facilities management and capital planning, says a specific plan outlining the details is crucial.

"It's a document that's easy to distribute to senior decision makers where they can see value," he says. "Even though the campus is bigger and utility rates have gone up, we're seeing our monthly electrical bills decrease. We can also point to future projects and outline how we can keep saving money and energy."

In each five-year plan, Claus and his team can map out which projects are being prioritized and why, and how they work within existing budget parameters. They can spell out why one specific technology is being chosen over another, or make the case for certain pilot projects. Having openness and transparency around their efforts allows other campus stakeholders to weigh in, and creates buy-in.

Claus says the plan also helps make it clear – for anyone who may be interested in becoming part of the energy management effort at UNBC – exactly how active their thriving program is.

"We're working on lighting upgrades, researching heat pumps, and low carbon electrification – trying to get off fossil fuels. All of this is possible because of strategic energy management and our partnership with BC Hydro."

David Claus, Director, Facilities Management and Capital Planning, University of Northern British Columbia

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