Save up to 25% on select smart home products in November

Image of a Stelpro Maestro thermostat

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It makes sense that a Quebec-based company would go big on a smart thermostat specifically designed to work with electric heaters. While electricity heats only a small fraction of homes in many regions of North America, it's a big factor in hydro-powered Quebec and B.C., where electricity rates are relatively affordable.

Most leading smart thermostats aren't compatible with electric baseboards, convectors, and fan heaters. While Quebec company Stelpro's recently released Maestro thermostat isn't the first smart thermostat designed to work with electric heat, it has a few cool features that set it apart. It uses geofencing – geographic detection of where you are via your smartphone – to adjust your home's temperature to your lifestyle. It's also intuitive. If you leave a window open in a room, it detects that cool air and automatically lowers the temperature setting to save money.

"If you want to lower the temperature to save on heating costs while you're away during the day, geofencing can make that adjustment as soon as you're about two kilometres from home," says Pierre-Yves Martin, national sales director for Stelpro. "When you're outside that two-kilometre range, all your thermostats will go down to 18°C. And when you come back within that range, it will go back up to the temperature you set for comfort while you're home".

BC Hydro's Team Power Smart has teamed up with Stelpro to offer a Maestro thermostat package – one controller plus one satellite thermostat for another room – as November's Team Power Smart contest prize. If you're a member, log in to your Member Tool Box to enter the contest. If you're not, join Team Power Smart today.

Also this month, from November 2 through November 29, BC Hydro has teamed up with select London Drugs locations for instant discounts on Stelpro Maestro smart thermostat packages – with free installation.

Another Stelpro smart thermostat, the KI™ Z-Wave model, is eligible as part of our smart home deals promotion at The Home Depot until November 16.

Save on dimmers, plugs, switches and thermostats in November

Depending on how many qualifying smart home products you buy, you can save up to 25% on select smart hubs, dimmers, switches, plugs, and thermostats at The Home Depot until November 16. These are products that allow for greater control over when and how you use electricity, adding comfort to your home while also upping the convenience by controlling lights and heat via your smartphone.

Here's how the buy-more, save-more offer works:

  • Save 15% when you purchase two eligible smart home items
  • Save 20% when you purchase three eligible smart home items
  • Save 25% when you purchase four eligible smart home items

How warm do your rooms need to be?

In winter, heating costs can go up by as much as 140% compared to the rest of the year. One of the most effective things you can do to control your heating costs is to manage your thermostat effectively, as heating costs rise about 5% for every degree above 20°C (68°F). A programmable thermostat is a small investment that can help you manage your heating costs by reducing wasted heat. See why BC Hydro's Dave is a big fan of these thermostats.

While your individual needs may vary, here are BC Hydro's recommendations around setting the right temperature:

  • 16°C when you're away from home and sleeping
  • 21°C when you're relaxing or watching TV
  • 18°C when you're cooking or doing housework

And don't forget to draft proof your home. See what BC Hydro's Dave has to say about plugging leaks in your home in these do-it-yourself videos.

How many Maestro thermostats would you need?

Stelpro Maestro thermostats are designed to replace your current thermostats, you can start with a few rooms and replace more over time. Stelpro's Martin has 10 thermostats in his home, but has only installed three Maestro thermostats – the pricier main controller in his main floor living room, plus three more in bedrooms and bathrooms. For his home office and other lesser-used areas, he relies on manual adjustments to his existing thermostats.

Get more information on the Stelpro Maestro thermostat.