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Industrial program pre-approval helps you get it right, the first time

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Accuracy of savings a big benefit of self-serve incentive program pre-approval

Measure twice, cut once. That's the intention behind the application and project pre-approval process for SIP, BC Hydro's self-service incentive program.

The application process was introduced with the launch of SIP in early 2010 to help alleviate customer concerns about the high cost of purchasing new equipment and uncertainty regarding a project's return on investment.

"With project pre-approval, customers have peace of mind because they learn their estimated incentive amount and payback period upfront," explains Ida Keung, a regional energy manager at BC Hydro who connects customers to SIP incentives.

"Though it may seem like extra effort, registering for SIP and completing the steps in the application is absolutely worth it for customers in the long run" she says. "Each SIP application is evaluated and approved by the engineers and industrial operations specialists at BC Hydro. The accuracy of the electricity savings cited, and the products chosen, are double checked by a team of experts at BC Hydro to make sure there's a financial benefit for the customer."

Rebates versus incentives – what's the difference?

"With SIP incentives, customers need to apply and get approval before they start their project," explains Keung. "With rebates, customers purchase their product and then apply for funding after. A variety of rebates are available throughout the year for BC Hydro residential customers, such as rebates for home insulation upgrades, smart thermostats and more, but for industrial business customers earning a SIP incentive hinges on project pre-approval."

How the self-serve incentive program works

If your facility uses more than 500 megawatt-hours of electricity per year, and you intend on upgrading a compressed air system or industrial lighting you may be eligible to apply for incentives through the self-serve incentive program.

To get started, connect with an accredited member of the BC Hydro Alliance of Energy Professionals to determine your project's scope and begin to gather details for your SIP application. Project pre-approval waiting times depend upon the accuracy of the information provided in your application.