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Fluorescent, LED efficiency gap grows: a comparison chart

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The results are revealing: it costs 70% less to operate an LED than a T12

Recent changes to Canada's Energy Efficiency Regulations are widening the efficiency gap between fluorescent and LED lighting technologies.

With the introduction of Amendment 13 on January 26, 2018, Natural Resources Canada legislated improved energy efficiency regulations for several categories of electrical products, including several lighting technologies. Fluorescent-to-fluorescent lighting retrofits are among the products no longer eligible for incentives.

In our new fluorescent versus LED comparison chart [PDF, 40 KB] we look at the growing gap in cost, lifespan, and light output of an LED compared to T12, T8, and T5 high-output fluorescent lamps. An LED using a lighting control is now three times more efficient (up from 2½ times as efficient in 2016) than a T12 using magnetic ballasts.

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