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Federal legislation eliminates least efficient products from Canadian market

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Fluorescent-to-fluorescent lighting retrofits are among the technologies no longer eligible for BC Hydro incentives following changes to federal efficiency standards. Only fluorescent to LED luminaire, or retrofit kits are eligible for incentive.

New standards change BC Hydro incentive programs for business customers

Recent changes to Canada's Energy Efficiency Regulations are here and are having a positive impact on BC Hydro programs.

On January 26, 2018 Natural Resources Canada's Amendment 13 came into effect. It legislates improved energy efficiency regulations for several categories of electrical products, including common commercial and residential appliances, lighting technologies and heavy-duty industrial devices.

"The changes published in Amendment 13 are a very good thing," says Paul Seo, senior manager of commercial programs for BC Hydro business customers. "When the federal government legislates an inefficient product or technology out, it shows that the marketplace has reached an important tipping point."

Amendments to Natural Resources Canada's Energy Efficiency Regulations affect the minimum energy performance standards that BC Hydro uses when determining the products or technologies that are eligible to receive incentives.

The legislative changes have implications for all of BC Hydro's lighting incentive offers, including Leaders in Energy Management (Custom), industrial Self-serve Incentive Program (SIP) and Business Energy Saving Incentives (BESI) program projects.

Lighting technologies that are no longer eligible for incentive include:

  • Fluorescent-to-fluorescent lighting retrofits; only fluorescent to LED luminaire or retrofit kits are eligible for incentive
  • Incandescent-to-LED screw-in lamp replacements; only hard-wired LEDs are eligible for incentive
  • All exit signs

Although several technologies have been removed from our e.Catalog's list of configurations, more than 10,000 energy-efficient products remain eligible for incentives. Customers with questions about the new minimum efficiency standards should contact their key account manager or call the Business Helpdesk. The Help Desk is staffed Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Call 604 522 4713 from Greater Vancouver or 1 866 522 4713 from elsewhere in the province.