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8 wacky ways for you to stay warm this winter

Photo by a window with a cup and blanket

Before you reach for the thermostat, consider one of these clever heating hacks instead

With the temperatures dropping and days getting darker, winter can be tough. For many of us, that can mean increased heating costs if we turn up the heat. While we all need to use more heat in the winter, sometimes you can get creative with how you stay cozy.

With that in mind, we've rounded up some fun ways to stay warm this season that won't increase your energy costs as much as turning your thermostat up to resemble the Sahara.

From blankets and slippers with a twist, to some unconventional items, take a look at some of our favourite (and a little weird) ways to stay warm.

1. Electric blanket

Image of an electric blanket

Take warm and cozy to the next level with an electric blanket. No need to turn the heat up when you can have it on your lap. This can use a lot less energy than heating a whole room, particularly if you're sitting on the couch in a basement or otherwise cold room.

2. Bear paw slippers

Image of a grizzly slipper

If your feet are warm, the rest of you will feel a lot warmer. Rugs and slippers are a great way to get away with slightly lower thermostat temperatures, especially if you're working around the home. And why go plain when you can go let your feet go into hibernation with the help of these fuzzy friends?

3. Who doesn't love a cup of cocoa?

A mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows sits on a wooden table.

Whether you're a salted caramel fan or opt for more traditional fare with mini marshmallows, settling in with a hot beverage should warm you right up. With 50 heavenly cups of comfort, you'll surely get through the winter season feeling warm from the inside out.

4. Pyjama warmer

Image of a pyjama warmer

You can't get a good night's sleep if you’re feeling the chill. In just ten minutes, your jammies will be toasty warm to give you the coziest, comfiest sleep.

5. Double slanket

Image of two people using a double slanket

Cuddling up on the couch for a holiday movie? Keep warm with the double slanket. It's a blanket with sleeves – for two! And if you're trying to decide what to watch, check out our holiday movie madness bracket for some inspiration

6. Cover clamp

Image of a cover clamp holding sheets in place

Blankets falling off of the bed? Tired of playing blanket tug-o-war? Keep your share of the covers on your side of the bed by literally clamping them in place.

7. Nose warmer

A woman wearing a knitted nose warmer

We'd recommend a toque and a thick scarf to start with, but if you're heading outside and Jack frost has got your nose, here's another option. This might not be your go-to when it comes to keeping warm when you hit the outdoors, but don't let the funny look fool you – it really will keep your nose warm.

8. Onesies

A family reading a book together and wearing matching onesies

If none of these fit your style – or lifestyle – you can still keep your electricity costs down over the winter months with the help of our winter home heating tips.