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Site-specific insights set free energy analytics program apart

Image of Ida Keung and Mary Zuccaro
Starting with a talk with BC Hydro Regional Energy Managers Ida Keung or Mary Zuccaro, customers can access our free Operational Energy Analytics offer, where certified energy consultants help discover ways to save money on equipment and operating procedures.

Focus on cutting energy waste saves one company $6,000 a year

Ida Keung and Mary Zuccaro are members of our Regional Energy Manager team. For many, speaking with these two is the first step on the road toward discovering hard-to-find operational savings.

When customers take advantage of free enrolment in BC Hydro's operational energy analytics program, they get the help of a certified energy consultant to discover ways to fine-tune their equipment use and operating procedures.

"The goal of the program is to help customers find ways of saving money without spending a ton of money," says Zuccaro. "For instance, shutting down equipment during known downtimes or reducing compressed air system pressure, are two ways to cut costs that require no up-front investment, other than some time and training."

"Another standout feature of operational energy analytics is the in-person site visit," adds Keung. "Once enrolled, a certified energy consultant visits your site, talks to your people, analyzes your plant operations, consumption data and more, and helps you identify the operational changes you can make to save money immediately. The emphasis isn't so much on the energy efficiency of the equipment you're using, but on how you're using it. And the service is completely free."

Expertise and attention to detail second to none

"What seems to surprise customers most is our attention to detail during site visits," says Vinson Lee, who administers operational energy analytics. "Our team's findings and recommendations are always site specific. We take your people, existing processes, peak demand periods and more into account. We work closely with you to make sure that our recommendations are realistic, achievable and sustainable.

"By making smart low and no-cost changes, two customers enrolled in operational energy analytics reduced their electricity use by 88,000 kilowatt-hours a year, a $5,280 savings*, and 100,000 kilowatt-hours a year, a $6,000 savings*. The first customer implemented a lighting shutdown procedure, and the second found and fixed compressed air leaks they didn't know were there."

Building strategic energy management into your industrial business practices will save you money. We offer three program streams for industrial businesses. They are: industrial energy manager, industrial cohort, and regional energy manager. Determining program eligibility is easy – it's based on annual electricity use. To get started today, read through an overview of our energy management programs.

* Based on a conservative estimate using $0.06 as the average cost of electricity per kilowatt-hour.