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Need energy advice and a little help? Send us a video

A mother and father carry babies as they do chores around their kitchen.
What is it about your household that makes it difficult to keep electricity costs down? Tell us about your struggles in a short video and you could be selected to get energy coaching, plus some products and a chance at competing for an appliance prize package.

If we like your story, you'll get advice & products as we follow your journey

In conversations with British Columbians about how to manage energy use, we're hearing from many who say they need more help in tackling barriers to lowering their bills. The stories range from trying to rein in wasteful behaviour, to difficulty in finding no-cost and low-cost ways to add efficiency to a home.

To help as many people as possible, we’re on the hunt for several B.C. households we can showcase (in words and video) as they find ways to better manage their electricity use in January and February. They'll get energy coaching and some energy-efficiency upgrades to help them find ways to reduce their electrcity use.

As a bit of an audition, we're asking you to submit a short video telling us about your home and why you could use some help from an energy coach. We're not looking for slick videos, just a quick look at the challenges you're facing with your bills, and an idea of what your home is like.

It could be that you're in an old, drafty home that needs some help. It could be that your kid, or your husband, takes 15-minute showers and never turns the lights off. Or it could be something else, such as trying to strike a balance between keeping heating costs down while staying comfortable.

Households will compete to win an ENERGY STAR® appliance package

In early January, we'll select several B.C. families to tell their stories as we arm them with coaching and products to help them reduce their electricity use. Two of those households will be chosen to engage in a month-long home energy reduction challenge, with a prize of an ENERGY STAR appliance prize package on the line.

Once selected, we'll ask that you share your journey to energy-saving superstardom with other British Columbians. We'll be posting stories and videos on our social media channels, TV and video.

Got a story to tell? Here’s how to register for a chance to be selected:

  1. Take a short selfie-style video (a smartphone works just fine for this) telling us why you need some coaching help.
  2. Upload your video and fill out a registration form.

What we're looking for, and what's in it for you

Your video should be no longer than two minutes and provide a quick overview of your story, including why and where you need help in reducing your electricity use. Please only include you, or just one family member,  in the video. Whoever's in the video, or anyone whose names are mentioned, will need to consent to having the video temporarily hosted on servers outside Canada.

If you’re selected to be profiled by BC Hydro, we’ll be linking you up with a home energy expert and helping you manage your electricity use and lower your bills with energy-efficient products and controls. In return, we’ll need to visit your home for a few hours each weekend in January and February to help you with energy advice, install some energy efficient products, and profile the process through interviews including video.

Interested in being part of our Home Energy Challenge initiative? Submit a short video and fill out our registration form.

The legal stuff

Once you're selected, we'll get into the details of how your energy management journey will be showcased and promoted by BC Hydro. We'll need you to sign a consent form in January that will allow us to use images of you and your family, online and on TV.

Here's an idea of what that consent will look like:

British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority (BC Hydro) desires to collect and record images, still and moving, of customers and members of the public for the purpose of using those images in programs and activities carried out under BC Hydro’s mandate from the Province of British Columbia.

This consent – or model release – includes the collection, recording, use, and disclosure, without limitation, by BC Hydro of  image and & personal information for any purpose BC Hydro deems appropriate in any promotional activity by BC Hydro or its agents, assigns, successors by any means. This release shall be binding upon you, your heirs, legal representatives, and assigns. You understand that your image and your personal information will be used only for the purposes described herein.  

Upload your video and fill out a registration form.