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150 B.C. places: Greater Vancouver

Nimbus C motorcycle at Deeley Exhibition in East Vancouver
Motorcycles from around the world are showcased at the Deeley Exhibition in East Vancouver ( (No. 139 on our list)

Numbers 133 to 150 on our list of 150 great B.C. places

What's this list about? Celebrating Canada's 150th by exploring B.C.

133. Gulf of Georgia Cannery, Steveston

Once the leading producer of canned salmon in B.C., this National Historic Site serves up the colourful history of the West Coast fishing industry with a winning mix of exhibits on a self-guided tour. Make sure to get your free 2017 Parks Canada Pass to get free admission this year.   

134-135. Camping & hiking at Golden Ears Provincial Park

You don't have to go far from the city to get a taste of what camping's all about. But you're going to need to reserve a spot well in advance, especially for summer weekends, at one of the four massive campgrounds that are wildly popular for good reason. If you're there for awhile, take on the mighty challenge of the Golden Ears trail, just doable in a very long day, but preferable as an overnight camping trip.

136-137. Quarry Rock hike & Deep Cove, North Vancouver

If you're not up to the much tougher Mount Seymour hike, try the 90-minute Quarry Rock trail, but get there early if the weather's nice and you want to avoid crowds. Fantastic view from the top, and the promise of a snack at Deep Cove's Cafe Orso or Bluhous Market & Cafe.

Beer tasting at brewer's row, Port Moody
Want a craft beer. Brewer's Row at Rocky Point Park in Port Moody offers four tasting rooms over three blocks.

138.  Food & drink, Rocky Point, Port Moody

Rocky Point Park in Port Moody was always a wonderful place to hang out, a primo picnic spot that just got better as Pajo's Fish & Chips and Rocky Point Ice Cream upped the ante. And then along came "Brewers Row", four craft breweries in a three-block stretch by the park.  

139. Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition, Vancouver

The Deeley Motorcyle Exhibition draws raves from those who love motorcycles and those with even a passing interest in the two-wheeled wonders. How can you resist a revolving collection of 60 antique, vintage, and historically important motorcycles? And  2017 is a great time to visit, as there's an intriquing Cycles & Cinema special exhibition.

140-141. Cascade Falls, Deroche, plus Westminster Abbey, Mission

A hidden gem for Vancouverites, Cascade Falls isn't that far away but you'll never know that once you're there.  It's an easy half-hour hike from the trailhead northeast of Mission. While in Mission, don't miss the entrancing Westminster Abbey, home to a community of Benedictine monks, or Old Abbey Ales, if you like Belgian-style ales.

142. Canadian Museum of Flight, Langley

You may not know a de Havilland Tiger Moth from a  Conair Firecat or a Canadian Quickie, but you're about to find out with a visit to the weird and wonderful Canadian Museum of Flight. Kids can even climb into a cockpits of designated outdoor exhibits.

143. Swimming in Lynn Canyon, North Vancouver

You don't mind cold water, right? A longtime local hangout for adventurous teens is a way cool way to cool off during a Lynn Canyon hike. Get directions to the 30-foot pool at

144. After a short hike, a dip in icy Cabin Lake

From the Cypress Bowl ski area parking lot, it's a relatively short hike - complete with access to views of Howe Sound a bit beyond - to Cabin Lake. Some swim au naturel in a beautiful swimming hole that seems a world removed from Vancouver.

145. Takeout at Mountain Woman, Britannia Beach

The Britannia Mine Museum deservedly gets high praise at Britannia Beach, but don't miss out on fish and chips, a juicy burger or poutine at the roadside shack that bears the sign MOUNTAIN woMAN.

147. Bloedel Conservatory, Vancouver

You don't need to fly south to experience humidity, tropical birds and exotic flowers. That's all part of the experience in the bubble atop Little Mountain in the middle of Vancouver known as the Bloedel Conservatory.

148. Bard on the Beach, Vancouver

The summer celebration of Shakespeare runs June through September in the magnificent location at Vanier Park. Bard on the Beach 2017 features Much Ado About Nothing, The Winter's Tale, The Merchant of Venice, Two Gentlemen of Verona, and Shylock.

149. Sky diving at Abbotsford

So you just watched Keanu Reeves jump out of plane in the original Point Break, and you're reminded you've always wanted to try sky diving (preferably with a chute). You can try sky diving at Abbotsford.

150. Buntzen Lake trails

This is hardly a secret, because Buntzen Lake is a wildly popular spot to swim and picnic in the warmer months. The hiking trails are fantastic, but you'll need to start your day early to ensure you get a spot in the parking lot before it's full. Happy trails.