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150 B.C. places: Haida Gwaii & central coast

Balance Rock near Skidegate, Haida Gwaii
Balance Rock near Skidegate (No. 24 on our list) doesn't defy physics, but it sure looks that way.

Numbers 21 to 25 in our list of 150 great places in B.C.  

What's this list about? We're celebrating B.C. with 150 places to visit

COVID-19 travel update: Haida Nation asks visitors to postpone any non-essential travel to Haida Gwaii at this time. Please consider the ideas below for travel in the future. Learn more about Haida Nation travel restrictions.

21. Naikoon Provincial Park, near Masset

There are about 100 km of beaches in Naikoon Provincial Park, which is the traditional territory of the Haida Nation. Immerse yourself in Haida cultural history, hike, fish, camp in the wilderness. And maybe even surf.

22. Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve

Spend a day, a week or more in this remote reserve in the Haida Gwaii Islands that's accessible only by boat or seaplane. It's a mix of Haida cultural history and the great outdoors, from totem poles to bears and whales. Not convinced it's worth the long trip? Check these TripAdvisor reviews of Gwaii Haanas.

23. World’s tallest totem pole, Alert Bay

Some may debate whether it's the world's tallest, but at 173 feet tall, the wooden tribal totem at Alert Bay is impressive, especially when viewed from near its base, such in this fantastic shot from photographer David Niddrie. The Village of Alert Bay is a discovery in itself, and was recently featured in our BC Hydro newsletter for its assortment of solar roofs on village buildings.

24. Balance Rock, near Skidegate

You don't go to Haida Gwaii just to see Balance Rock, but you have to see it once you're there (and try to time your visit with high tide for maximum effect). What keeps this huge rock from tipping? Here's a fun look at the myth and science of Balance Rock.

25. Inside Passage by BC Ferry

BC Ferries has worked with hotels to put together 7-day Inside Passage Coastal Adventure and Wilderness Circle Tour packages that include ferry travel and accommodation along with grizzly and whale-watching tours.