Make the shift to Strategic Energy Management

Image of Robert Raymond
Robert Raymond, BC Hydro's program manager in industrial marketing, says industrial businesses will embrace Strategic Energy Management once they discover the enormous potential for long-term energy savings.

Data-driven decision-making at the heart of renewed industrial program

The month of May marks the start of Strategic Energy Management, a new trio of programs for industrial businesses that encourage a more holistic approach to energy management.

"Our strategy is rooted in making business with BC Hydro more beneficial for customers," says Robert Raymond, BC Hydro's program manager in industrial marketing. "Over the last few years we've focused a lot on electricity savings realized on a per project basis – savings from lighting upgrades, finding and fixing compressed air leaks, and more – but what we've discovered along the way is that industrial businesses want much more from us."

By more, Raymond is talking about information sharing between businesses, a feature of the new industrial cohort stream. And getting to work with a regional energy manager – whose services are fully funded.

"The long term benefits of strategic energy management are the big reward," says Raymond. "And we're confident industrial businesses are going to agree."

Determining program eligibility is easy – it's based on annual electricity use

Three program streams are offered in Strategic Energy Management. They are:

  • Industrial energy manager
  • Industrial cohort
  • Regional energy manager

To get you started, check out the electricity use groupings:

Industrial energy manager
Eligibility: Annual electricity use of 10 gigawatt-hours or more.

Industrial cohort
Eligibility: Annual electricity use between 4 - 20 gigawatt-hours.

Regional energy manager
Eligibility: Annual electricity use of between 0.5 and 4 gigawatt-hours.