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Digital lock can be operated by smartphone, keypad or key

Image of young boy opening door with a Schlage Camelot Wi-fi integrated lock
Jeff Stott's son uses the digital keypad to enter the family home. The Wi-fi-enabled lock can also be operated by mobile device or by key.

'I know where my family is, and I know they're safe'

A few weeks ago, BC Hydro project manager Jeff Stott hopped on a bus for his daily cross-Burnaby commute when he realized he hadn't locked the front door of his North Burnaby home.

"Once I sat down, I connected, turned off a couple of lights, and locked the door," he says.

An early adopter of so-called "connected" or "smart" home devices, Stott has seen these devices come a long way from the days when he would spend hours trying to program everything from his garage door opener to his burglar alarm. Now he handles it all from his smartphone, and a remote door locking feature ranks among his favourites.

Two years ago, Stott installed a Schlage Camelot Wi-fi integrated lock on the door of his home. He found it affordable and, and with a brushed nickel design, "quite elegant." And it turns out his kids love it, too.

"The kids sometimes run and fight for the door to use the keypad," he says. "They know to cover it up by cupping their hand while they type it in, so it's quite safe."

The lock can be operated remotely by mobile device, by keypad or by old-fashioned key. There's the ability to set it up to lock automatically a few seconds or minutes after each time it's closed, and friends or contractors can gain access with their own temporary keypad codes.

"I can open my app, and see that the door's locked," he says. "That's fantastic. And in the days when my wife works from home I can see her leaving or going, including unlocking the door to pick the kids up in the afternoon. It provides me not only with a level of security, but also a level of connection: I know where my family is and I know they're safe. And that's really quite powerful."

One more thing. To deliver wi-fi capability for the Schlage lock, you'll need to purchase or use an existing Wink Hub Gateway.

Image of a Schlage Camelot Wi-fi integrated lock
The Schlage Camelot Wi-fi integrated lock is available at The Home Depot.

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