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Work with a regional energy manager to find operational savings and more

Image of energy manager and client in hard hats
Free consultations via our regional energy manager service are available for smaller industrial businesses whose annual electricity use is between .5 and 4 gigawatt-hours.

Best of all, the service costs you nothing

For the last few years we've focused a lot on electricity savings realized from retrofits, such as replacing inefficient older-model equipment or outdated lighting. A lot of this great work is a result of our study and incentive offers, but we know that technology upgrades like these aren't always in the budget.

Finding operational energy savings can have a big impact on your bottom line too. Operational savings are the result of simple changes in behaviour and optimizing equipment use, and they have the potential to cut costs overnight. Earlier this year, we introduced Strategic Energy Management, a trio of programs for industrial businesses that encourage a more holistic approach to energy management. Program eligibility is easy to determine – it's based on annual electricity use.

For smaller industrial businesses with annual electricity use of between 0.5 and 4 gigawatt-hours, we created the regional energy manager service. The service is free, and walkthroughs are done in person.

How it works

A regional energy manager will work with you to identify operational energy saving opportunities and introduce you to the programs and resources we have available. What you get:

  • First, you'll meet with a regional energy manager. While on site, they'll review your electricity consumption and introduce you to our MyHydro tool. They'll also help identify which programs and incentives you may be eligible for. This service is free.
  • Enrolment in operational energy analytics. A certified energy consultant will visit your site, analyze your plant operations, consumption data and more, and help you identify and implement operational savings that can save you money immediately. This service is also free.
  • Your regional energy manager will work with you every step of the way. They'll answer your questions and help you submit applications for studies and incentive offers. The biggest thing for some may be the peace of mind they provide throughout the process.
  • Access to our tools and resources such as our leak tag kits and other employee awareness material.

Enter your BC Hydro account number into our eligibility tool or contact the Business Helpdesk at 1 866 522 4713 to find out if you qualify for this offer. Our regional energy managers are scheduling appointments today.