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How to set-up MyHydro alerts for power factor and peak demand

Image showing how to add consumption alerts to a MyHydro Profile
Add alerts to stay up to date on your power factor and peak demand. It's easy to set up alerts in MyHydro.

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There are many reasons why your bill could be higher than expected. Undetected compressed air leaks and operating inefficient equipment are two common causes. Surcharges are another.

By using our MyHydro tool's SMS and email alerts and checking back regularly, you'll gain a better understanding of how things such as seasonal changes and everyday habits affect your electricity use.

To opt-in to our SMS and email alerts, log in to MyHydro and go to My Profile. Under My Profile you'll see Subscription & Alerts. If you don't already have a MyHydro Profile, begin by creating a profile here.

Here are three alerts industrial business can take advantage of:

  • Power Factor Alert. A power factor surcharge is applied to your account when your power factor is below 90%. You can set a power factor threshold for your business and receive an alert when you are halfway to your threshold or when you've exceeded it. Weekly and monthly reports are available.
  • Peak Demand Alert. Demand charge can be very costly. Like the power factor alert, when you opt-in to receive the peak demand alert, you can set a demand threshold and receive an alert when you are halfway to your threshold or when you've exceeded it. It can be challenging to shift demand, but considering ways to reduce your peak load where possible, such as scheduling cleaning or drying operations at night, and turning off unnecessary lights, can make a difference. Weekly and monthly reports are available.
  • Electricity Usage Summary Report Alert. This report is a round up of your electricity usage to date (based on the perimeters you set), estimated cost for the billing period, as well as a peak demand to date and average power factor. You can choose to receive this report on a weekly or monthly basis.

For more information about our MyHydro tool or how to save energy using your electricity use history, meet with a Regional Energy Manager. To request a free energy consultation, call the business helpdesk at 1 866 522 4713. Our regional energy managers are scheduling appointments today.