Hundreds of LED options for businesses after exit of incandescents

 LED lights bulb

'There's no problem finding alternatives to meet your needs'

As of January 1, 2015, two traditional lighting stand-bys started leaving the B.C. market.

Federal legislation, which previously removed 100W and 75W incandescent lamps from B.C. shelves (in 2012), now includes 60W and 40W incandescent lamps. The inefficient "Edison" pear-shaped, general service incandescent bulbs can no longer be manufactured in, or imported into B.C.

The good news?

"The market today is literally saturated with energy-efficient products that match or surpass the quality of the incandescent lamps," says Cristian Suvagau, an engineer with BC Hydro's conservation and energy management group. "There's strong competition for this segment of the market, so there's no problem finding alternatives that will meet your needs."

LEDs last 25 times longer, use far less energy, and cost is dropping quickly

The most common use of 40W and 60W incandescent lamps in commercial settings has been in the hospitality and retail sectors, says Suvagau.

Restauranteurs liked the ambience and dimmability; hotels and shops used them to create a cozy, warm feel. Some of these attributes were hard to replace with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), not all of which are dimmable or have colour temperatures that work in these settings.

By comparison, LEDs are dimmable and use even less energy than CFLs (a 60W replacement uses about 10W, cutting your energy use more than 80 per cent). They're available in a variety of colour temperatures that allow a warmer or cooler feel (there are even LEDs that turn slightly reddish as they dim, mimicking incandescents).

LEDs contain no mercury, unlike CFLs. And they last so long — on average, 25 times as long as incandescents — that changing light bulbs will become a rare and much-less-costly part of your company's maintenance regime. (Think of all the lightbulb-changing jokes that won't make sense to the next generation.)

That's why Suvagau encourages businesses to consider hard-wired LED replacements rather than just screw-in bulbs for existing fixtures. "You may have a lousy pot-light fixture in the ceiling," he says "You screw in a new lamp, but you still have a lousy fixture. Spend a little more for a hard-wired LED fixture, and you get a total quality improvement with even more longevity."

Explore LED options

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