Fluorescents, LEDs go head-to-head: a comparison chart

Image of 3D rendering of restaurant lighting

The results are in: the operating cost of an LED 50% less than that of a T12

Have a look at our fluorescents versus LED comparison chart [PDF, 42 KB]. In it we compare the annual energy costs, lifespan and light output (among a few other features) of an LED compared to a T12, T8 and T5 high-output fluorescent lamp.

If you're wondering how much more efficient LEDs are than T12s, consider these results: the annual energy cost of an LED using a lighting control is $11.28, compared to $27.83 for a T12 using magnetic ballasts*.

LEDs are generally more expensive than fluorescent lamps. However, as our comparison chart demonstrates, their excellent efficiency and extended life make them more cost-efficient than fluorescent lamps in certain applications.

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*Estimated energy cost is $0.094/kWh