This year, say yes to an in-person cold call from an energy expert

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It's worth your time; one hour could save you thousands of dollars

It's hard to be a small business owner. Your list of responsibilities is long, and you have little time to spare, but saying yes to an in-person cold call from an energy expert could be the best decision you make this year.

BC Hydro's energy advisors help small- and medium-sized businesses – such as smaller municipalities and school districts not assisted by a BC Hydro key account manager – to save money on their energy bills. Sometimes you'll hear from an advisor over the phone, through an email or via an industry association referral. And sometimes, they'll show just show up at your business.

Chances are that, in just an hour or two, they'll find ways for you to save money on your electricity bill. Just make sure to see a business advisor's credentials – ask to see their BC Hydro contractor card – to ensure they're an expert we support.

Light bulb burnouts, too-bright fluorescent lights, and dealing with old, outdated incandescent bulbs are just some of the common problems that we hear about from small business owners across B.C. Thankfully, with the help of a professional these issues are easy to fix.

You just need to carve off a few hours of time to consider your lighting options, and what they cost.

Time is precious, but so is power

For example, if you have halogen or incandescent bulbs that burn out on a regular basis, switching to screw-in LEDs is a straightforward change, especially if you're staying with your existing fixtures.

You just need to decide which bulb to buy. But, if you're considering changing your fixtures, then going with hard-wired LEDs may be an even better choice, especially since we offer incentives that help reduce your up-front costs.

That's where an energy expert can be a big help. In a single meeting, they can tell you about the right lights for your application, business type and budget. And they can help you apply for a financial incentive – or they can do it on your behalf.

They may even share ways to boost your energy savings even more – things you'd never think of, such as motion sensors in hallways with low to no foot traffic, or upgrading from incandescent to LED exit signs.

Simple distractions like email and phone calls can delay these kinds of cost-saving projects, especially because many of them are considered non-essential upgrades. The thing is, the sooner you switch to energy-efficient lighting, the more money you'll save on your utility bill.

Chances are, once you see the cost savings you'll be asking yourself, "why didn't I do this sooner?"