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It pays to draft proof your home, both in winter and summer

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See our short videos on how to seal gaps and decrease drafts in your home, an you'll get an idea of how easy it is to make this low-cost change to save plenty down the road.

Take some time to reduce drafts; save on weatherstripping at Canadian Tire

Sorry to distract you from the glorious summer, but... the days are getting shorter, and within a few months, you'll be turning up the heat in your home and your electricity costs will start to rise.

But there's good news: a few minutes spent draftproofing your home could pay off in $100 or more in savings during the fall and winter. Plus, it can make for a cooler, more comfortable home in the midst of an August heat wave as well.

Did you know that in winter, our energy bills can more than double as heat is turned up and lights and electronics are on longer? Space heating alone can account for 40 to 50% of our energy bills.

Draftproof your home today

Draftproofing just happens to be one of the least expensive, easy ways to improve your home's efficiency in a big way. If you think it would be ridiculous to leave a six-inch square hole in a door, consider that you could lose the equivalent amount of heat through drafts if there's a 1/8th-inch gap around a door.

August is a good time to get this do-it-yourself project done because, this month, our retail partner Canadian Tire is offering select weatherstripping at $2 to $5 off. And for Team Power Smart members, our August contest is featuring a prize of a $100 Canadian Tire gift card.

If you're a member, you can log in to your Member Tool Box today to enter the contest. And if you're not already with the Team, you can join today.

Don't miss our how-to videos on how to seal those leaks

For most weatherstripping jobs, you'll only need weatherstripping and a measuring tape to get the job done. Not sure where drafts are? See our tips for identifying leaks.

For step-by-step instructions on how you can draftproof your home, see the popular videos in our do-it-yourself section, where you'll  information on how to:

You may qualify for a free energy saving kit

If you live in an income-qualifying household, you can get free energy-saving products to help improve the comfort and efficiency of your home.

Get details on qualifications and learn about our free energy saving kit, which includes products such as LED bulbs, high-efficiency showerheads, and weatherstripping that you can install yourself.