Access the data from all your accounts in a single report from MyHydro


You can now export up to three years of electricity usage and billing data to analyze usage and seek savings

Using MyHydro on allows you to view historic consumption data and export information for analysis. However, until now, you could only export one account at a time.

That made it a challenge for customers who hold multiple accounts. Some municipal and commercial customers have several hundred accounts, which had to be exported one at a time.

"Our strategy is grounded in making business with BC Hydro easier to do for our customers," says Greg Stanway, manager of customer strategy. "We realized in a number of areas that we were making customers work harder than they should have to get the services they need. Getting easy access to timely, accurate customer data was one of those areas."

Data can be shared with vendors and consultants supporting energy management

To export your data, you'll need to create a MyHydro profile (if you haven't already) and log in. Each of the accounts you wish to access must be linked to your profile.

Go to the data export centre to request the data that you need, from as many accounts as you wish.

Depending on the type* of customer you are, consumption data is available in increments as low as every five minutes, and you can set your desired export period. Some download requests are produced right away, while larger requests will be completed and ready for you within 24 hours. You can also access up to three years of history.

Those requesting consolidated billing exports can set up a recurring request, so that an export will be automatically created and a notification sent when it's ready. If you're working with a third party, such as an energy consultant or an equipment vendor, you can also allow your vendor to create data exports on your behalf.

If you have energy management software, we also support the Green Button format for consumption data exports.

Stanway says BC Hydro will continue to work on more MyHydro tools that can help you learn the most about your usage and potential efficiencies and savings.

"When it comes to managing energy, knowledge and information are power. Providing raw data is helpful if there's someone like an energy manager who is able to use it appropriately. Providing the right level of information or insights to our customers is the foundation of getting to a place where they can do something meaningful about it."

For more information about MyHydro, data exports, or how to save energy using your consumption history, please speak with your Key Account Manager, call the Energy Savings Help Desk at 1 866 522 4713 (604 522 4713 in the Lower Mainland), or email us.

*Medium General Service and Large General Service customers are eligible for data as detailed as 5-minute intervals.