Seven ways to enjoy Earth Hour 2016 with the lights out

Child wide-eyed in candlelight
Telling scary stories in the dark is one way to enjoy Earth Hour. Just make sure those stories are age appropriate, and maybe ensure there's a night light on in your kid's room.

Find a place to stargaze, get romantic, or tell ghost stories with the kids

Organized by the World Wildlife Fund, Earth Hour 2016 is set for 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 19. Here are a few suggestions about how to enjoy Earth Hour without using much electricity in your home.

  1. Go for a walk: If our early spring continues and the weather is good, take a stroll with a friend or four.
  2. Tell ghost stories: If you have kids old enough to enjoy it, take turns telling scary stories (for ideas, see the list at this blog post). You can always put the night-light on at 9:30.
  3. See a romantic movie: Take your significant other to a romantic movie at a local theatre. Can't find anything at a local theatre? Check the list of best romantic movies and find something you like on Netflix, Shomi or Crave.
  4. See stars: Stargazing isn't likely to be great in Vancouver, Victoria or any other larger city in B.C., even during Earth Hour. However, take a drive a little way out of town, or to one of B.C.'s dark sky sites, and you could be in for a treat. Check the clear sky reports on the B.C. dark skies site as the weekend arrives – the early word is that Saturday night could be quite clear at several places around the province.
  5. Get together with friends: Get several groups of friends to shut the lights out at their homes and congregate in one home. Take it a step further by leaving the lights off there, too, and chat, play trivia or tell jokes by candlelight. Just make sure any candle you use, including one in the bathroom, is on a stable surface.
  6. Eat by candlelight: Get your cooking done in advance of Earth Hour, then spend the hour dining by candlelight.
  7. Plan for sustainability: BC Hydro loves the idea of Earth Hour, but we see it as just a jumping off point to cutting electricity waste and adopting other sustainable behaviours year-round. Use the hour to talk to your friends and family about ways you can reduce your eco footprint for the balance of the year, from joining Team Power Smart to finding new ways to get to and from work.