Find ways to save time, electricity & money with our online tools

Image of MyHydro account being viewed on a tablet
With electricity use tracking information available for your account, down to the hour, you can get a better idea of how you use electricity and how you can save.

Track your electricity use, move your service, get power outages info

If you haven't done a deep dive lately into what offers, perhaps it's time you took a look. We've upgraded and added tools that will make managing your account a lot easier, whether it's looking for easier ways to pay, trying ideas to cut your BC Hydro bills, or moving your service to a new location.

Want to check on the status of a power outage? We offer list and map views of your area, with searchability down to the address, that's easy to use on your desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Here's a quick look at what we have to offer. And you can view our video for tips on how to use MyHydro tools.

Take a closer look at your electricity use

By taking a deeper look at your electricity use, you can find ways to save energy and money. With MyHydro, see how your electricity use affects your bill by:

  • Viewing your electricity use down to the hour and right up until yesterday to see when you're using the most electricity.
  • Comparing your electricity use to factors such as average outside temperature, similar homes nearby and last year's consumption.
  • Projecting your electricity use and estimated cost for the current billing period based on your consumption patterns.
  • Putting Power Smart tips into action and signing up for automatic email alerts to check back in and stay on track with your conservation goals.

Detailed electricity use data gives you the right information at the right time, and helps you identify where you can save energy to keep your bill as low as possible.  

Manage your account online to save time

A growing number of BC Hydro customers regularly use to manage their account online. When you log in to MyHydro, you can view your bill and payment history, select a payment method, and even start, stop or move your service. When you log in to MyHydro, you'll find these account functions in the account services toolbox.

Log in, or create a MyHydro Profile

If you've always managed your account online, your BC Hydro Profile is now your MyHydro Profile. Never managed your account online? Create a MyHydro Profile and link your account to get started.

How online tracking has helped customers

Here are a few stories about how customers have used MyHydro online tracking to get a better idea of how they use electricity and save money: