Light bulb choices for businesses: a comparison chart

 LED lights bulb

Not sure which bulb to buy? Here are the basics, bulb by bulb

Rob Jennings used to get so frustrated at the hardware store. The owner of Jennings Florists would stand in the lighting aisle for ages and stare in confusion at all the halogen, CFL and screw-in LED light bulbs on the shelves.

He needed bulb replacements – and he needed them now – but he wasn't sure which bulb was best. Were CFLs the right choice for the fixtures in his flower shop? Halogens? Or should he go with LEDs?

Like a lot of small business owners in B.C., Jennings is responsible for everything – inventory, hiring, customer service, special orders, retail displays, and more – so he had no time to search the web for information about light bulbs.

That's why this month we're introducing an energy-efficient lighting comparison chart we hope can act as a quick reference for businesses that want to know the basics of energy-efficient lighting. After all, when you're spending $10, $20, $30 or even $40-plus for one bulb, you want to make the right choice.

Take a look at our Lighting Comparison Chart [PDF, 111 KB].

Print it, post it and pass it on. Just remember that LED lighting technology continues to improve, so our comparison chart may need to be revamped periodically.

You'll notice that incandescents have been left off the comparison chart. Changes to the General Service Lighting legislation state that as of January 1, 2015, general service incandescent bulbs from 40W to 100W (excluding reflector and specialty lamps) can no longer be manufactured in, or imported into B.C.

Because incandescents bulbs are slowly being phased out, we're encouraging businesses to switch directly from incandescents to LEDs with the help of a financial incentive.