In new fixtures, hard-wiring LEDs may be the right choice


In a hard-wired system, lamps last longer, work better, and give off better light

Screw-in LEDs are a great lighting option. They're energy efficient, easy to use and last far longer than any other bulbs. In a situation where you're staying with your existing light fixtures, screw-in LEDs are likely your best choice.

But if your business is considering getting new fixtures, then going with hard-wired LEDs may be an even better choice, especially since we offer incentives that help reduce your up-front cost.

More than 80% of all lamps worldwide are incandescent and have screw-in bases. With so many sockets in the world, it's easiest to make new technology adapt to tradition. However, holding LEDs to this tradition is limiting.

In a hard-wired system, the fixtures are made specifically to work with LEDs, so the lamps will last longer, work better, and give off better light. Right now, pot light hard-wired LED fixtures cost about 30 to 50% more than screw-in options, but because they last longer, the costs can equal out over time. There are more hard-wired options for both indoor and outdoor use, and selections are on the rise.

Better light for half the cost

If you're using T8 or T12 fluorescent lamps in your ceiling troffers, hard-wired LEDs are an excellent alternative. Switching your ceiling troffers from T8 fluorescents to hard-wired LEDs can result in energy savings of more than 40%. The savings climb to over 50% when a change is made from T12 fluorescents to hard-wired LEDs.

And don't forget, because LED luminaires last much longer, your replacement and maintenance costs will also go down. When treated right, an LED luminaire can last 50,000 to 60,000 hours – the equivalent of seven to 10 years – compared to 20,000 hours for standard T12 and T8 replacement lamps.

Energy savings aside, another benefit of LEDs for ceiling troffers is easy installation. You don't have to open up the ceiling or cut drywall. A certified electrician should be able to install an LED into a ceiling troffer in a modular ceiling grid or surface-mounted fixture relatively quick.

Other benefits of LED ceiling troffers:

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