Energy-efficient product incentives: Five steps to a successful application

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Avoid delays and get your energy efficiency project off to a great start

If you're upgrading industrial lighting or compressed air systems to improve energy efficiency, your company is probably eligible for product incentives for your upgrade project. The application process for these incentives is handled online.

If you're starting or currently working on a project that might qualify for funding, don't miss out! Here are five tips for a successful application, from start to finish.

  1. Confirm your eligibility
  2. Ensure you are working with a BC Hydro Alliance vendor
  3. Use the industrial incentives customer user guide [PDF, 1.0 MB]
  4. Submit all required supporting documents
  5. Remember your declaration of completion

1) Confirm your eligibility: Make sure your facility and your project qualify

  • Incentive eligibility: Your site must be an industrial facility with electricity consumption of 500,000 kWh/year or higher.
  • Eligible technologies: lighting or compressed air, between 40-200 hp.
  • Use the Business Program Eligibility Tool or call the business helpdesk to learn more about eligibility. Call 604 522 4713 in the Lower Mainland or 1 866 522 4713 from elsewhere in B.C.

2) Ensure that you're working with a BC Hydro Alliance vendor for your project

  • You need to work with a lighting or compressed air vendor who is part of the BC Hydro Alliance. Be sure to have your BC Hydro account number(s) ready when meeting with your vendor.
  • If your preferred vendor is part of the BC Hydro Alliance, they'll have a four-digit vendor ID. You need this ID when you start your application online.
  • Your vendor is responsible for entering the project details into your application.
  • If your preferred vendor isn't an Alliance member, they may apply by contacting the BC Hydro Alliance at
  • If you don't have a vendor, request a referral. BC Hydro will provide the names of a few qualified local Alliance vendors.

3) Refer to the customer user guide for assistance

  • The user guide [PDF, 1.0 MB] provides screenshots and step-by-step instructions to help you through the entire online application process.
  • If you have questions or need more help, contact the Business Helpdesk.

4) Make sure you submit all the supporting documents required for your application

  • Once you successfully submit your online application to BC Hydro for review, your vendor will receive an automated email instructing them to submit all supporting documentation. Your industrial incentives application won't be processed until we receive your documents.* For lighting projects, submit the Energy Savings Lighting Calculator. For compressed air, submit the compressed air report.

* Remember: you can't start your project until you have submitted your application and we've reviewed and approved your project. Approval typically takes two to four weeks. Projects that start without approval will be ineligible for an incentive.

5) Remember your Declaration of Project Completion

  • When your project is finished, you must let us know by logging into your project and filling out the online Declaration of Project Completion. Be sure to send updated reports if the scope of your project changed. You'll also need to submit all of your invoices by email.
  • Once you've successfully declared your project complete and submitted your invoices, we'll process your incentive payment.

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