eNewsletter survey: appetite for conservation content is there

Image of a woman reading on a tablet computer in a shop
Our recent survey of subscribers to the Power of Business eNewsletter showed that 38 per cent of readers look at the newsletter every month. And a growing number — just under a third — are doing it on their commute to/from work.

You like our newsletter, but want more stories about technologies, incentives

Thanks to the readers who took time to share their opinions in this year's reader survey for the Power of Business eNewsletter. The results confirmed that most readers are very satisfied with the newsletter, rating it a 7.7 out of 10.

"Time is of the essence for Power of Business readers, many of which are owner/operators, so I was pleased to see that frequency of the newsletter, which is sent out once a month, as well as the length of the articles, topics covered and clarity of messaging were rated highly," says Jenn Shum, a marketing specialist at BC Hydro who oversees the Power of Business newsletter.

"Another noteworthy result is that 7 out of 10 respondents said they would recommend the newsletter to colleagues and industry peers. That's a good sign that the topics we cover are relevant, informative and could possibly even be conversation starters."

Some other results from the survey include:

  • 31 per cent of respondents read the newsletter during their commute to/from work
  • 38 per cent of respondents read the newsletter every month, while 47 per cent of respondents read the newsletter occasionally
  • 30 per cent of respondents have participated in a Power Smart program as a result of reading the newsletter

The game plan going forward

It's not surprising that one of the topics that readers want to see more of is a focus on energy efficient technologies. We'll be including more technology updates, profiles and expert interviews about new or emerging technology in future issues.

Stories focused on energy-efficient technology such as LED ceiling troffers, LED exit signs and high-efficiency variable speed circulators, which are all technologies eligible for Power Smart Express incentives can make it easy for readers to pinpoint potential savings for their business, says Shum.

"This is the Power of Business' first reader survey in two years, and the results show that our readership, which is made up of small-to-medium sized businesses across B.C., have a big appetite for energy conservation-related content."

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