eNewsletter survey: Readers like it, but about that story length...

Image of the 2015 Current eNewsletter reader survey

Current reader survey helps us tailor newsletter to your needs

Thanks to everyone who took time to share their opinions in this year's reader survey for the Current eNewsletter. The results confirmed that most readers — about two thirds — are very satisfied with the newsletter. And overall satisfaction reached its highest point since we started asking readers four years ago.

"We look to our readers to help us understand their needs and interests in the information they want to receive about energy efficiency and incentive programs," says Vinson Lee from Power Smart's industrial marketing team. "We hope that the newsletter encourages them to take advantage of the programs and take steps to improve their company's efficiency."

Good news to Lee was that 29 per cent of respondents describe their organization as fully engaged in energy management. That's an increase of six per cent over a year ago.

Some other results from the survey:

  • 49 per cent said the newsletter has increased their awareness of the benefits of energy efficiency.
  • 39 per cent said the newsletter has influenced them to implement an energy efficiency program.
  • 35 per cent say they have participated in a Power Smart program as a result of reading the newsletter.

And the top reasons to read Current regularly? Readers say that it's to get tips on energy management and learn about BC Hydro programs.

Similar to past years, readers feel most knowledgeable about general topics, such as how to identify energy efficiency opportunities. But they know less about specific details, such as how to calculate life cycle costs for electrical equipment. Readers want to learn more about how to become more efficient, and how to save money based on BC Hydro's rate structure.

The one challenge from this year's survey is in story length.

"Last year, a majority of readers said our stories were too long, so we responded by tightening up the length a bit," says Lee. "This year, a majority say they're too short! We're not exactly sure how to respond to that — but it's good to know Current readers are keen enough to want a little more."

Congratulations to Henry Chan, Gary Williams and Doug Louie, winners of the contest draw for those who completed the survey. Each will receive a $250 gift card to either The Bay, Best Buy, or Canadian Tire.