Wink Hub makes it easy to manage your connected home

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It all started with an app. Wink is a simple program for a mobile phone that was designed to help early adopters of "smart" home automation.

More and more, home products are being developed to connect to the Internet, becoming part of the "Internet of Things". You are now able to control light bulbs, door locks, thermostats, floor heating systems, and even slow cookers with your mobile phone.

Wink was created to be a central app through which you can control all the various connected gadgets. And that makes it easier for you to manage how you use energy in your home.

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One hub to control them all

But the problem is that there are many different ways that connected devices communicate. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, and Z-Wave are just a few of the communication protocols that are used.

And so the Wink Hub was developed. It connects to your home wireless router, and then talks to all of the smart devices in your home regardless of what form of communication they use. That means you can use the free Wink app, available for Android and iOS smartphones, to run your entire home system.

Wide range of products work with Wink

A number of home automation products have been designed to connect directly to the Wink app, including programmable thermostats, an updated version of the Pivot Power, and Philips Hue LED bulbs.

The Wink Hub expands the number of things that you can manage with your smartphone: window coverings, smoke alarms, digital locks, and power outlets. More connected devices are being added all the time.

Personalize your home experience

Using the programmable features of the devices and Wink, you can set thermostats to turn up the heat at specific times, or turn them down when you decide to extend your vacation by a few days.

Or you can have certain lights turn on when you use your smartphone to unlock your front door. You can even operate a group of devices together so they can all turn off when it's time for bed.

And the Wink Hub means you can control all of them even if you're away from your home. It's a great way to get control of your energy expenditures.

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