Top 10 reasons to go paperless with your BC Hydro bill this fall

Image of MyHydro account being viewed on a tablet
Among the advantages of online access to your bills is tracking your electricity use with MyHydro tools. It's the best way to learn about the way you use electricity and identify ways to save.

Make the switch and you could win a Samsung Galaxy Tab S

By now, many of us are doing more and more common tasks online or even with our smartphones and tablets. Shopping, banking, booking travel — they've all gone digital. And for many BC Hydro customers, you can add managing bills and finances to that list. Over 600,000 customers get their BC Hydro bills online with paperless billing.

If you haven't made the switch yet, now's a great time to go paperless. Here are 10 reasons why, including a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy tablet.

  1. It's easy to switch. If you already have a MyHydro Profile and linked your account, just log in to MyHydro, and select the "Go paperless" button on the left of your account summary to turn off your paper bills.
  2. Get your bill faster, making it easier to manage your budget. Online bills are available much sooner after the end of your billing period, since they don't need to be printed and sent by mail. You'll be able to see your current balance and payment due date sooner, which makes it easier to manage your budget, arrange payments, or check your bill against your pre-authorized or equal payment plan.
  3. You can download and save a PDF bill. If you sometimes need to print a copy of your current bill, there's a PDF version available anytime in MyHydro.
  4. You'll get 24/7 access to your bill. Just log in to your account anytime to see your current balance, view your current bill, look at a past bill, or view your payment history. That means no more waiting until you're at home with paper in hand. And no more trying to find old copies of bills in your files somewhere.
  5. Cut the clutter. You've likely heard it before, but it's worth repeating. For every bill that you switch to paperless, you're likely clearing at least two sheets of paper and an envelope from your desk and to-do pile. Bank statements, credit cards, rent or mortgage statements, groceries, cable or Internet, telephone bills — why not cut back and manage some of these online?
  6. Never miss a bill with email notifications and reminders. Have you ever lost track of a bill in a large stack of paper, or failed to make a note of the due date? Paperless billing keeps you on track — you'll get a notification when your bill is ready to review, and you can even add an optional reminder to notify you when your bill is due.
  7. Do it for the trees. If just 25 per cent of BC Hydro customers opt for paperless billing, we can save 461,000 sheets of paper. That would form a stack about as high as a 15-storey building.
  8. Online payments make it easy. Many BC Hydro customers already choose to pay their bills through online banking or pre-authorized payments. If you're already managing payments online, make it easy and get your bill online too.
  9. Use your electricity data to manage your entire account from one screen. When you log in to MyHydro, you'll have access to your detailed electricity usage and can see how much electricity you use, down to the hour. Compare your usage to the temperature outside, or see how much you're using compared to last year. By switching to paperless billing, your MyHydro account will have everything you need to take control of your electricity use, all in one place.

And finally...

  1. You could win a Samsung Galaxy Tab S! If you switch to paperless billing between September 1 and September 30, 2014, you can enter to win a new Samsung tablet, perfect for managing your BC Hydro account and enjoying all that new paperless convenience. Get all the details.