Business Energy Advisor shares three efficiency upgrade ideas

Image of Business Energy Advisor, Sorin Pasca
Business Energy Advisor Sorin Pasca says that when you're in the dark about where to get the best bang from your buck on upgrades, start with a look at your lighting.

Sorin Pasca's top 3: track electricity use, upgrade lighting, consider your climate

With the help of B.C.'s Business Energy Advisors, we're making it easier than ever for you to cut your energy costs. Not only do the advisors offer customers free in-person energy assessments in electricity and gas, they're full of inspiring efficiency improvement tips and ideas that can save you money.

Here, Business Energy Advisor Sorin Pasca shares three ideas you can put into practice right away.

Idea No. 1: scrutinize your energy consumption every month

One of the easiest ways to save money on your BC Hydro and FortisBC bills is to track your business' energy consumption every single month, advises Pasca.

Closely tracking the peaks and valleys of your business' energy use will allow you to spot unusual consumption patterns. From there, you can develop a simple action plan and start cutting costs. For instance, you can create a closing checklist or closing procedure for staff to ensure appliances are turned off.

"During an energy evaluation, I always recommend that customers create a MyHydro account," says Pasca. "It's free and the online account makes it easy for business owners to study their monthly consumption in detail."

Idea No. 2: when in doubt, look at your lights

If you want to cut your electricity costs but don't know where to start, look at your lights, suggests Pasca. Replacing incandescent light bulbs with screw-in LED bulbs, or switching from larger T12 tubes (using magnetic ballasts) to thinner T8 lamps (using electronic ballasts), uses around 40 per cent less energy.

Not only that, because the T8 tubes last longer, maintenance costs are reduced.

"Upgrading to longer-lasting and more energy-efficient lighting is one of the most straightforward ways to save," confirms Pasca.

Idea No. 3: consider your climate

As Business Energy Advisor for northern B.C., Pasca knows firsthand what a cold winter's day feels like, and he understands that thermal comfort is a necessary part of life in places like Prince George, Houston and Terrace.

Rather than turning the dial down on the thermostat (which makes everyone feel cold), Pasca encourages business customers in northern B.C. to consider optimizing their heating system by taking advantage of energy-efficient technologies. For example, automated controls for HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) can provide energy savings and comfort in all kinds of facilities.

"Automated controls allow business owners to program their HVAC system to turn off when it's not needed, like at the end of the work day when staff go home, or when the energy demand reaches a pre-set threshold," says Pasca.

To learn more about the Business Energy Advisor service or to schedule an free energy evaluation, contact the Power Smart Business Help Desk at 1 866 522 4713.