Team Power Smart is changing, thanks to your feedback

Image showing the Team Power Smart Toolbox
Here's a sneak preview of one version of the top of your new Member Tool Box. You'll see these two buttons - with options to either start a new 10% Reduction Challenge or a Maintenance Challenge - after you've just completed and were successful in a Reduction Challenge.

Watch for a new Challenge, new tools and an improved Member Tool Box

Team Power Smart is changing, offering members more chances to earn rewards for reducing their electricity use and maintaining their energy savings.

And don't worry. While Team Power Smart is changing, there will still be great members-only contests, energy-saving tips and tools, and exclusive offers.

But take note: in late September 2014, you'll need to have a residential BC Hydro account linked to your MyHydro Profile to stay on the team. If you're on Team Power Smart and already manage your account online with MyHydro, then you're ready to go and don't need to take any action.

The changes: new Maintenance Challenge, improved Member Tool Box, faster results

So what exactly is going to be different in late September? Here's a look at all the changes, created in response to feedback from Team Power Smart members:

  • An updated Reduction Challenge. Many members who enter a second or even a third Challenge (to reduce their electricity use by 10 per cent over a year) have told us how difficult it is to continue to achieve significant energy savings once you've already been successful in your first Challenge. Starting late September, there will be two options to earn a reward for your energy-saving efforts:
    • Reduction Challenge: Successfully reduce your energy consumption by 10 per cent in one year and get a $50 reward.
    • Maintenance Challenge: Within 30 days after you've completed a successful Reduction Challenge, you can opt instead for a Maintenance Challenge. Maintain last year's levels of electricity use for one year and earn a $25 reward.

If you're in an existing Reduction Challenge that began prior to the changes, you'll still be eligible to receive the $75 reward if you're successful.

  • Improvements to the Member Tool Box. Whether you're just looking to see how much electricity you're using or you want to see how you're doing against your Challenge goal, new tools and graphs in your Member Tool Box will be available starting late September. You'll get much more detailed information on how you're doing on your Reduction or Maintenance Challenge, and you'll be able to see your past energy use and look at your Challenge history. Plus you'll still be able to access tips, success stories from fellow team members and enter members-only contests.
  • Faster Challenge results. We heard feedback from many members about how long it could take to get final Challenge results. Your Challenge results will soon be available faster than ever; often the day after completing your year-long Reduction or Maintenance Challenge.

Linking your account gives you access to energy-tracking tools

If you've already linked your account to MyHydro, then you're good to go. Consider starting a Reduction Challenge to work towards that reward.

But if you haven't linked your account yet, you need to do so before the changes go live. After that date, you'll need to rejoin Team Power Smart and link a residential account to access all member benefits, including monthly contests.

Linking your account doesn't just give you access to great Team Power Smart rewards like the Reduction Challenge. You also get the full power of MyHydro and energy-tracking tools to help you keep your electricity use and your bill in check.

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