Smart meters help customers save via MyHydro

Customer using MyHydro consumption tools

At $100 M under budget, smart meters enable new conservation tools for customers

Using MyHydro electricity tracking tools online, Guy Lynch discovered that washing and drying a load of towels and a load of jeans doubled the daily electrical use at his home.

So Lynch started drying much of his laundry on a drying rack and, along with other changes, he has reduced his electricity use by more than 30%.

Elizabeth Morse had a similar experience, discovering via MyHydro’s home comparison feature that her home was using roughly twice the electricity of similar homes in her area. After a few do-it-yourself changes to the way her family uses electricity, she cut her electricity costs by 41% in a month.

The installation of smart meters at homes and businesses across B.C., an initiative that is about $100 million under budget, enabled the development of MyHydro. And MyHydro has inspired a new wave of Power Smart British Columbians.

Ninety-nine per cent of BC Hydro customers now have a new, modern meter installed on their property. And as a direct result, there are now more than 720,000 British Columbians who actively use MyHydro to track their electricity use and find new ways to save energy and money.

This past winter, BC Hydro customers logged in to view MyHydro tracking tool pages on more than 1.2 million times, including over 100,000 who checked to see how their home electricity usage compared to that at similar homes in the area.

"Facing up to our wasteful energy usage was a humbling experience, but at least we were closer to a happy ending," wrote Morse in a blog post on

That happy ending could include lower monthly bills, plus a Team Power Smart reward cheque from BC Hydro if her family can deliver savings of 10% or more over a 12-month period.

Smart meters not just about energy savings

Once completed, a modernized BC Hydro electricity grid will not only provide new tools to help customers, including businesses, to save money. Smart meters will also:

  • Help lower costs and improve service
  • Identify and help us reduce electricity loss across the system, including from theft of power
  • Automatically detect power outages

More than 99 per cent of customers have smart meters and are enjoying benefits such as access to MyHydro electricity tracking.