All aboard: find savings with Power Smart Express

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Incentives can cover up to 75% of an energy-efficiency upgrade

"Improve your company's energy efficiency"
"Find energy savings"
"Upgrade to energy-efficient appliances"
"Reduce your energy costs"

You've heard it all before. Now, Power Smart Express is here to help make it happen. If your business is in the market for a lighting, HVAC, refrigeration or commercial kitchen upgrade, Power Smart Express is the program for you.

Power Smart Express launched on June 2, 2014, and is available to all BC Hydro business customers. The program, which replaces the well-known and long-standing Product Incentive Program, provides businesses with financial incentives that can cover up to 75 per cent of the cost of an energy-efficiency upgrade.

Cutting the 'cost of doing business'

Lighting, heating and appliance-related electricity are fixed costs that small business customers in B.C. pay for every month. In many cases, they're considered overhead or simply a cost of doing business. The thing is, cost savings exist if you know where to find them. This belief is at the heart and soul of the Power Smart Express program.

Not sure where to start? Consider enlisting the help of an industry expert. The Power Smart Alliance is an independent network of registered contractors and distributors who can help you find ways to save. It's an excellent resource, especially if you don't have an Energy Manager or an electrician on staff.

Alliance members can help you plan and implement energy-efficiency upgrades, and know the ins and outs of the Power Smart Express program, including registration and available financial incentives.

Lighting is one of the biggest energy costs for a small company

But don't just take our word for it. Last fall, Best Western Plus Uptown Hotel completed a simple energy-efficiency upgrade: it replaced several hundred incandescent bulbs with screw-in LED bulbs at two of its locations in Metro Vancouver.

The project qualified for an incentive of $9,960 from BC Hydro, and the hotel estimates that its electricity bills will be reduced by more than $1,790 per year. Maintenance costs are also down: only one bulb has had to be replaced since last fall.

If the savings achieved by Best Western Plus Uptown Hotel intrigue you, it's time to talk to an Alliance member about ways to reduce your lighting-related energy costs.

The first step is to sign up

With the Power Smart Express program, project pre-approval is required before you purchase or install equipment. Pre-approval isn't a barrier to participation; it's reassurance that your future efficiency upgrade is tailored to your company and your circumstances.

To apply for pre-approval, visit Power Smart Express to register for the program and get more in-depth information about the requirements.

Not quite ready for an upgrade? MyHydro can help in the meantime

With MyHydro, you can see how much electricity you're using, down to the hour, as well as your peak consumption times.

Even better, you can benchmark your overall electricity use against similar companies to find out where you're using the most electricity. This way, you can develop an action plan for energy savings while you consider registering for Power Smart Express.

Learn more about using MyHydro to track your electricity consumption