Celebrate Offtober with great deals on energy efficient products

Image of BC Hydro representative and customers at a London Drugs retail event
By helping educate customers and offering deals on energy-efficient products, London Drugs has sold over 84,000 energy efficient light bulbs and fixtures in B.C. stores over the last seven years.

London Drugs among retailers who deliver savings in a big way

In Offtober — a celebration of saving power and money from October 1–31 — participating retailers across B.C. are offering great deals on energy-efficient products.

Offers include discounts on LED light bulbs, energy efficient light fixtures and ENERGY STAR® rated appliances, including clothes washers, dryers and refrigerators. We've partnered with retailers to promote the most energy efficient televisions, which are 30 per cent more efficient than standard models.

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A seven-year partnership with London Drugs

Since 2007, London Drugs has been a key Power Smart retail partner in the promotion and sale of energy-efficient products in their stores across B.C.

"One of the key factors to the success of Power Smart lies in our partnerships with retailers in order to get energy efficiency messaging and products through to customers," explains Kari Montrichard, Power Smart residential marketing. "London Drugs has been a great partner for us over the years. Store staff are always very keen to learn about the latest energy-efficient technologies and pass the information on to their customers at the store level."

In the past seven years, London Drugs has sold approximately 84,620 energy efficient light bulbs and fixtures in their stores in B.C. In 2009, they came on as a partner in the Power Smart Electronics Program and have since sold 36,115 ENERGY STAR rated televisions.

This Offtober, London Drugs will be offering $2 to $4 instant rebates on select ENERGY STAR LED bulbs and promoting the great features of energy efficient televisions. See products and deals.

Making conservation a part of company culture

London Drugs does more than just talk the talk when it comes to their conservation efforts. Along promoting and selling energy efficient products, London Drugs has implemented an award winning recycling program. The program is helping to keep millions of tonnes of recyclable materials out of landfills every year.

"Since 2007, we've been diverting everything we can away from the landfill into the recycling stream," says Maury McCausland, retail operations sustainability specialist at London Drugs. The company's goal is to reach a 95 per cent recycling rate by December 2015. "We're currently sitting at 90 per cent, so we're well on our way."

In 2013, London Drugs diverted more than five million kilograms (nearly 11.5 million pounds) of recyclable material away from the landfill — that's the equivalent of 12 fully-loaded Boeing 747s.

You can bring almost anything to any London Drugs store to be recycled, and it doesn't have to have been purchased there.

"We can take pretty much anything except for propane canisters, paint, hazardous materials and large home appliances," says McCausland.

Some of the recycled materials end up right back on London Drugs' shelves. "A great example is the cardboard that we collect in our stores, we send it to Cascades, and Cascades turns it into toilet paper that we sell on our shelves," explains McCausland.

Here's a list of things that you might not have thought of bringing by for recycling:

  • Styrofoam — Hate having to deal with the packaging that comes with a new product? London Drugs is Canada's only major retailer to offer packaging return and recycling, on anything they sell.
  • Smoke alarms — Smashed it one too many times while burning the bacon? Bring it in for recycling.
  • Fluorescent Light Bulbs — Return Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs and Fluorescent Light (FL) tubes up to 4-foot lengths, for safe, responsible recycling.
  • Small appliances — Need a new small appliance? Bring in your old waffle maker, toaster or blender when you shop for a new one. Any dead small appliance with a plug can be recycled at London Drugs through the Small Appliance recycling program.
  • Expired medications — Expired or unused medications can be brought in for safe disposal. Medications will be safely incinerated, preventing them from entering landfills, sewers and waterways.
  • VHS Tapes — Have a box of old VHS tapes in the basement? London Drugs offers customers drop-off recycling for virtually all recordable media or media storage devices.

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Look for community teams in stores this October

Our community teams will be visiting London Drugs stores throughout the province. during the month of October. Look for them promoting in-store deals and get energy-saving tips and information on products.