Doing renovations to improve efficiency? Rebates, ways to save

Home insulation rebates of up to $1,200 are available through BC Hydro and FortisBC.

New home rebates, offers and financing options can help you upgrade your home

Some home energy efficiencies are easy to spot, including replacing lighting and appliances with ENERGY STAR® models. Others aren't so easy to see, but can deliver big energy savings.

Home renovations to improve efficiency and comfort can help save you energy and money for years to come. If a reno is on your to-do list for this year, rebates from BC Hydro and FortisBC can help.

Rebates available for insulation, heating and other efficiency projects

Start by considering what type of renovation is best for your home. When undergoing a major renovation, you're likely to be installing new insulation. Choosing insulation with higher R-values and efficiency ratings could make your project eligible for rebates of up to $1,200 (depending on the location and type of insulation installed).

Maybe you're planning to redo a bathroom this year — choosing an ENERGY STAR bathroom fan can net a rebate of $25. Every little bit helps when the costs of renovation projects are considered.

For major renovations where you're replacing insulation, improving draftproofing, and installing new heating systems, you have access to a wide range of rebates. Completing three eligible upgrades could even make you eligible for the Bonus Offer rebate of $750.

Accessing the Bonus Offer and draftproofing rebates starts with an EnerGuide home evaluation with a qualified energy advisor to determine your home's baseline energy use, before any upgrades take place. For all other rebates, the EnerGuide home evaluation is optional, but highly recommended to ensure you're making the most of your renovation.

Get all the details (including program terms and conditions) on available rebates and how to apply

Wondering if energy-efficiency renovations make sense for your home? An energy audit can help identify ways for you to save and whether upgrades make sense for your home and budget.

Consider financing as an option for major renovation projects

Major renovations can come with a major price tag. Many British Columbians choose options such as loans or lines of credit to help finance renovation projects.

It can be worthwhile to consider financing if it enables you to make dramatic changes in your home's efficiency and comfort. Major upgrades often pay for themselves in energy savings over the years, and increase resale value from the upgrades.

One option to consider if you're looking at financing is Vancity's Bright Ideas home renovations loan. You can borrow as little as $3,500 or as much as $20,000 to finance your qualifying efficiency renovation project.

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