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Power Smart recommends that business customers use MyHydro to quickly check, daily — or at least weekly — to help identify anomalies in energy use that can be fixed before they create significant costs.

Make energy tracking a regular part of your management routine

BC Hydro relies on smart meters to provide you with improved feedback about your company's energy use, including:

  • How much you're using
  • When your peak usage times are
  • What your projected usage will be

But it's up to you to use that information. Make energy tracking — logging on to check your company's updates — a regular part of your management routine.

"It can save you money, as simple as that," says Arien Korteland, a program manager with Power Smart. "We've got programs that can help businesses reduce their consumption. But the very first step is assessing, 'How am I doing today?', and understanding what your consumption patterns are."

Set up your MyHydro profile and link your account(s)

MyHydro is the access point for all account information, including residential, commercial and industrial accounts.

To get your detailed electricity use information on MyHydro, your first step is to create a MyHydro profile. Next, you need to link one or more accounts to that profile.

Once you're set up, you can access your account via the link at the top of any page. You can use MyHydro to:

  • Track and compare your electricity consumption and projected consumption.
  • Access tips and tools to save energy and money.
  • View bills, manage payments and start, stop or move your service.

"Before smart meters, we had meter readers visiting each meter every other month on average," says Korteland. "We could only provide a very limited number of data points in the year and then everything in between was estimated.

"With smart meters, we can now show electricity use by the hour. That means customers can get information that can help them shape their consumption behaviour and patterns."

Make energy tracking a regular routine

Korteland recommends that businesses develop a routine around checking their company's usage. A quick check daily, or at least weekly, can help identify anomalies so they can be fixed before they create significant costs. That might include air conditioning mistakenly left on all weekend, or a problem with a piece of equipment.

To help keep you on track, you can set up email prompts within MyHydro as reminders to check your energy usage.

"We've noticed that a lot of customers often use MyHydro features like data download and usage projections," says Korteland. "It really helps them in their energy management effort. Along the way, it can help them save some money as well."

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