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MyHydro gives you the ability to track electricity usage down to the hour. You can compare season-to-season to see how lighting, for instance, may be leading to spikes in electricity use.

As you use different equipment or change business for the season, look for patterns in your electricity use

Whether your business is a retail space or you're focused on manufacturing, chances are your electricity and energy costs fluctuate with the seasons. And as we move towards summer, it's a great time to ensure that you're adjusting your habits to maximize energy savings.

Use MyHydro data to learn how much electricity you're using, down to the hour, and when. Compare your electricity usage and head down the path to seasonal savings.

Consider lighting needs as days get brighter and longer

One of the biggest energy costs for many small businesses is lighting. That's especially true if your lighting system is older (10 to 15 years or older).

Revisiting your lighting needs and taking advantage of increased daylight can help to reduce the amount of electricity you need for lighting.

Use MyHydro's hour-by-hour comparison to see whether lighting is affecting your electricity costs. If you have equipment that runs 24 hours a day (such as refrigeration), spikes during business hours can be due to lighting and other equipment.

  • If you don't have access to increased daylight in the summer, it's important to ensure that you still have bright lighting that effectively lights your space. Too little light can make your business feel dreary for employees and customers, especially if it's bright and sunny outside.
  • Look for task lighting, use motion sensors and timers, and reduce lighting in places where it's not needed. See more lighting tips.
  • In the market for new lighting? Power Smart Express will help you save on energy-efficient lighting alternatives.

Watch for seasonal changes in heating needs

Heating can be another big cost that changes with the calendar. Use MyHydro to help determine how much heating and cooling can affect your electricity costs.

Some tips:

  • Use the comparison features in MyHydro to see what your electricity use was at different points of the year. This can help identify seasonal spikes that can be related to heating or cooling needs. Looking at the same time (e.g. billing period) last year will show you whether you always use more (or less) electricity in the summer months, which is useful for pinpointing behaviour and equipment that's driving your energy use.
  • To help determine whether your electricity use varies due to heating and cooling, you can use MyHydro to compare your overall use to the outside temperature.
  • If you use air conditioning in your business when the weather turns warmer, find ways to reduce your cooling needs. Use the hourly comparison in MyHydro to help determine if air conditioning during business hours is affecting your total consumption. Offsetting air conditioning and heating with energy-efficient behaviours, or switching to energy-efficient equipment can help reduce these costs.

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Use Power Smart tools and MyHydro for a detailed look at your electricity costs

If you're ready for a deeper dive into your overall electricity costs, check out the Energy Evaluator tool. You can benchmark your overall electricity use against similar businesses and find out where you're using the most electricity, to help develop an action plan for energy savings.

Once you have an action plan in place, check out Power Smart Express to see incentives on energy-efficient products. Then use MyHydro to track your energy savings over time.

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