Use MyHydro to share your monthly BC Hydro bill with your accountant or bookkeeper

Image of MyHydro account being viewed on a tablet
It's easy, and secure, to provide your accountant (or the third party of your choice) with access to your account on MyHydro. They'll get the information they need, when they need it, neatly organized when they log in.

Sharing access makes it easier to manage payments

It's a common thought in this overscheduled age: where does the time go? If it feels like your to-do list just keeps getting longer, MyHydro's Account Access feature has the power to free up precious time.

With a swift click of the mouse, you can quickly, easily, — and above all, securely — invite a trusted third party — such as your accountant or bookkeeper — to gain access to the billing and electricity usage information that's securely stored in your home and/or business' MyHydro Profile.

Not only will your accountant (or the third party of your choice) have secure access to the information they need, when they need it, but it will be neatly organized when they log in.

Step-by-step instructions to share and edit account access

Once you've logged in to your MyHydro Profile, in less than two minutes you can invite a trusted third party to view or administer your MyHydro account on your behalf. Just hover over the Account Settings link in the top right-hand corner of your MyHydro dashboard. A dropdown menu of options will automatically display. From the dropdown menu, click the Account Access link.

On the Account Access page you can do three things:

  • Share account access. For each user you'd like to invite to access the account, enter their email address and select their access level. These users will automatically receive an email asking them to accept the invitation. Invitations expire after 72 hours.
  • Edit account access. You can change the account access for administrators and viewers, and you can also view pending requests. Account access can only be changed for active users.
  • Unlink your MyHydro Profile from your BC Hydro account. Unlinking your BC Hydro account from your MyHydro Profile will also cancel all subscriptions and alerts you've set up the account.

To get started with MyHydro, create a profile and follow the instructions to link your existing BC Hydro account(s) to your newly created profile.

This is the final story in a three-part series about the benefits of MyHydro for BC Hydro's small business customers. Check out the first two stories in the series: using MyHydro to manage energy and profitability, and reporting and managing power outages at your business with MyHydro.