Use MyHydro to report and monitor power outages at your business address

Image of power line technicians working from bucket truck

When outages hit, get the full picture and protect your assets, ensure safety of staff

This is the second story in a three-part series about how BC Hydro's small business customers can get the most out of MyHydro.

It's a common thought when the power fails: is it just you, or are neighbouring businesses experiencing an outage as well?

Knowing the whereabouts of a power outage and how long it may last is important for your safety and the safety of your staff and patrons. It's also essential for the protection of business assets, especially valuable and expensive electronic equipment and systems, as well as frozen and refrigerated food.

Regardless of whether you experience a maintenance outage — like those scheduled across B.C. to replace 900,000 wooden power poles — or an unexpected outage caused by extreme weather, you can easily log in to your MyHydro account to get all available information BC Hydro has about known outage(s) at your business address.

In less than two minutes you can report a power outage using MyHydro

Once you've logged in to your MyHydro account, you can report a power outage at your business using your smartphone, tablet or battery-powered laptop.

Just click the "Power Outages" box in the bottom right-hand corner of your MyHydro dashboard. There, you'll find an online form where you can easily report an outage. The online form should take less than two minutes to complete.

Also, if you stay logged in to MyHydro, you can go to the Power Outages page to monitor outage updates as they unfold.

With access to information such as the size of the outage area and the approximate time in which your power will be restored, B.C. business owners can make informed decision about staffing levels (should I send everyone home?) and staff safety if they do go home (is it safe for my staff to walk or drive in the area?). Hotel and retail store owners can also proactively communicate outage-related information to patrons inside their establishment.

In a power outage, knowledge is power.

To get started with MyHydro, create a profile and follow the instructions to link your existing BC Hydro business account(s) to your newly created profile.