Time to look at your lighting: Incentives make LEDs more popular

 LED lights bulb
LEDs have dropped in price an average of 85% over the past five years and are now available in a wide variety of shapes.

Payback on ENERGY STARĀ® LED upgrades can be less than a year

Having the right lighting is one of the most important choices that you can make when it comes to energy efficiency at your small business. Plus it helps to create the right setting for your employees and customers.

For several years, the owners of the eco-toy store Dilly Dally Kids wanted to use LED lighting in the East Vancouver store, but couldn't find a product that produced the warm light they were looking for. All that changed last year, when they switched three dozen MR16 halogen track lights to LEDs for savings estimated at about about 2,500 kWh per year.

Thanks to a $312 rebate from BC Hydro on the purchase of the LEDs, the owners expect to pay back their investment on the upgrade in just 18 months. And they solved two problems they had with the track lighting: frequent burnout and the extra, unwanted, heat produced by the halogen lights.

The Dilly Dally Kids story underlines both the importance of selecting the right lighting option, and the increasing popularity of LEDs, which have dropped in price by 85% over the last five years. LEDs are especially suited as a replacement for traditional incandescent or halogen screw-in bulbs.

Replacing traditional bulbs is a fairly simple upgrade for most businesses, and the payback can be less than a year, thanks to Power Smart incentives on efficient lamps.

But even if you're replacing high pressure sodium lamps or high-bay lighting, LEDS offer increased energy efficiency and a longer lifespan than older lighting technologies. That longer lifespan means that you need to replace lamps less often, reducing maintenance costs.

Wondering if LEDs are the right energy-efficient choice for your business? Check our guide for choosing between LEDs and fluorescents.

Exploring your LED options

Wondering which LEDs might work in your business? Start by looking at the available product incentives. You can see which LED incentives are available for the type of lighting you're considering replacing.

Power Smart Alliance can make selecting lighting and applying for incentives easy

  • Consider using the Power Smart Alliance to help determine which lighting options will work best for your needs. The Alliance is made up of authorized contractors and distributors who are fully trained on available Power Smart incentives.
  • Using a BC Hydro-approved contractor takes the guesswork out of determining your incentives, and ensures you're getting the most out of your renovations and upgrades. You can also work with your own contractor, or qualified in-house staff to choose products and complete your project.
  • Learn more about how it works.