Have your say on BC Hydro programs with Your Power Poll

Customer using MyHydro consumption tools
We heard through Your Power Poll that 54% of BC Hydro customers would like to be notified of a planned maintenance outage in their neighbourhood by email.

When it comes to shaping our customer programs and services, most of us would love it if we could sit down for coffee with each of our 4 million customers across the province to talk about BC Hydro. Since that's not really an option, we have the next best thing: Your Power Poll.

Online customer research panel needs you

Your Power Poll is our online customer research panel. Instead of stopping you on the street to ask for a few minutes of your time, we reach out by email to with a few questions for you to answer when you get a chance. The Power Poll community is made up of residential and business customers who are interested in sharing their ideas and opinions about energy-related topics with BC Hydro by participating in brief, confidential, internet-only surveys and discussions.

By participating in Your Power Poll, you let us know:

  • The types of energy-related information that are important to you
  • What you think about proposed customer service programs and initiatives
  • Bill payment options, names and labels that we're considering
  • Energy conservation programs

We turn your opinions and answers into action

How we use the results

The results we receive through Your Power Poll can help us shape our programs or processes.

For example, sometimes we have to turn off the power in areas to conduct maintenance work. This is called a planned outage. We wanted to know what customers think about the way that we currently notify you of a planned outage.

We polled our residential panelists across the province, and learned some valuable information:

  • About 86% of the panelists were aware that we have to conduct planned outages
  • 42% of Power Pollers would prefer work or a planned outage to be conducted during the late morning period between 9 a.m. and noon. But almost as many (39%) say they would prefer work to be done from noon to 3 p.m. This tells us that most customers would expect us to complete our work during typical work hours.
  • 54% of the panelists would prefer to be notified via email compared to the 5% who would prefer a knock on the door

Our maintenance and customer service teams are using these results to determine what changes we should make to our notification process.

Real people look at the results

Pauline Tu is a program coordinator who works on customer service initiatives dedicated to improving our customer service. This team is responsible for something that we use regularly to interact with you; your BC Hydro bill.

Recently, she used Your Power Poll to help with redesign of our bill to make it simpler and easier to read. Responses from panellists helped Tu determine what visual design should be used for new bill prototypes, which information should be included or emphasized.

"Power Poll is a great resource and tool to get the voice of the customer in a very efficient and expedient way," Tu says of reaching out to the panellists.

You could use Your Power Poll to let people like Pauline know what is important to you when it comes to BC Hydro initiatives, programs and processes.

How to join Your Power Poll

It's easy to join the panel. Just sign up online and you'll start receiving survey invitations by email.

You'll be able to offer your opinions and insights, and as a panelist you'll get an insider's view of some of our upcoming projects and help us better serve customers like you.

Sign up and win

Plus, if you join Your Power Poll, you'll be entered in ongoing draws for prizes for participating in surveys. Any BC Hydro customer over the age of 18 may sign up. The only thing you will need internet access and a valid email address.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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