Burnaby market could save $500 per month with efficient lighting

Image of Hannam Supermarket, Burnaby
Popular Korean supermarket Hannam has grown considerably, in part due to its house-made kimchi. But that growth has put a strain on an older building that can't handle too much electrical load. A lighting upgrade could cut lighting load and costs by half.

Switch from HID lighting to fluorescent lighting looks better, cuts electrical load

Since 1998, Hannam Supermarket has catered to the food preferences of the Korean community in the Lower Mainland. And the Burnaby market has helped non-Asian shoppers try new foods — especially its house-made kimchi.

But Hannam's long history has also posed some operational challenges.

"The shopping plaza we are in is 32 years old," says Grace Han, director of Hannam Supermarket. "Whenever we have expanded our facility, to add more electrical machinery, we face a problem because the building that we're in can't handle the additional electrical load."

The store was lit with high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting, which Han says caused some problems, because HID lamps lose significant brightness (reduced lumen output) over their lifespan. So Hannam Supermarket decided to solve two problems at once by installing new energy-efficient lighting.

After consulting with a knowledgeable electrical contractor, Han chose fluorescent lighting throughout the store, using 6-lamp high efficiency high-bay fixtures to replace the HID lighting. The project qualified for an incentive of $6,750, and is estimated to make a significant difference in the store's electricity costs.

"We paid less on our last electricity bill, but it also was a change of season, so we're still watching to see how much we save," says Han. "Before we installed the system, I calculated that we would save $500 per month."

The new lights have also helped to address the electrical load issue. Han says the new system cuts power usage for lighting by approximately 50 per cent, which means less load on the building's constrained electrical system. And the new lighting is more appealing than the old HID lights.

"It's very bright; we're very satisfied with this package," she says. "Absolutely, anyone who is using an HID system right now, I would definitely recommend a change like we did."