Kamloops woman has a warmer winter, thanks to free energy-efficient upgrades

Applying weather stripping to a doorway

Kamloops resident on fixed-income gets new insulation, draftproofing and more

Built in the 1970s, Lynn's Kamloops duplex had become more and more drafty over the years.

"I knew that nothing had been done as far as energy goes," she said. "I wasn't even aware of energy conservation when I did renovations 18 years ago." Lynn knew she had to do something. But on a fixed income, she didn't have a lot to spend.

Then along came the answer, in the form of an information piece on the Energy Conservation Assistance Program tucked in with her mailed BC Hydro bill.

She learned that BC Hydro Power Smart and FortisBC provide income-qualifying customers with free home energy assessment and upgrades to help improve their home's efficiency and comfort.

Applying proves easy

Lynn found the application process so straightforward that she had completed the form and mailed it within hours.

Two weeks later, she got a letter from BC Hydro saying her application was approved. And a program contractor called to arrange a free home visit.

"The energy evaluators showed up. They answered my questions and kept me up to date with what, when and who would be doing each job," she said. "It was really interesting and I learned a lot about how to save energy."

The evaluation revealed a few surprises for Lynn. Her fridge was inefficient, windows and doors were inadequately sealed, and insulation was either deteriorated or missing completely.

Contractors do the work, including sealing air leaks

Her contractors installed a new bathroom fan, insulation in her attic and a number of faucet aerators. Air leaks were sealed, weatherstripping was added and Lynn also qualified for an ENERGY STARĀ® refrigerator.

The upgrades were completed before winter started, but she could feel a difference right away.

"The house is warmer. I noticed that right off the bat," she said, adding that she quickly noticed a difference in her heating bills, too. "Being on a fixed income, it's a big help."

Lynn is grateful to the Energy Conservation Assistance Program for taking care of a list of maintenance needs, making her home more comfortable and reducing her energy costs.

"The program came along at the right time," she said. "I hope other people take advantage of it."

Get details on the program today

If you have questions about the Energy Conservation Assistance Program or need help with the application, please call the approved partner, Carillion Canada at 1 877 806 3242.

Qualification criteria

Applicants need to meet the following criteria to apply for the program:

  1. Have a current BC Hydro account
  2. Live in a house, duplex, townhouse or mobile home
  3. Meet the income qualifcation