Power Smart Excellence Awards celebrate leadership in energy efficiency

2014 Power Smart Excellence Awards

Winners recognized as energy-saving superstars in B.C.

There were big smiles after the biannual Power Smart Excellence Awards were handed out last month in Vancouver.

While many organizations and individuals were singled out for recognition, their leadership means that we're all winners.

With 10 award categories, the Power Smart Excellence Awards recognize how far energy efficiency has come in B.C. It's great news for everyone in the province, as it helps us realize how much potential we still have to save.

Awards highlight business benefits of conservation

"Energy conservation is a cost-effective, long-term business approach," said Joanna Sofield, General Manager of Power Smart. "Our winners have made energy management solutions a regular part of their operations because saving energy means saving money. That makes solid business sense."

BC Hydro Power Smart has been recognizing business leaders for 10 years, and every time the bar is set higher. Award categories recognize individuals and teams, innovative construction projects that incorporate energy-efficient design; outstanding employee-based energy efficiency campaigns; and retailers who have partnered with Power Smart to stock and promote energy-efficient products on their shelves.

This year, there were five winners of the prestigious Power Smart Leader award — BC Hydro's highest level of recognition. The outstanding organizations, who continuously demonstrate strategic energy management and an ongoing commitment to energy efficiency were:

  • BC Ferries: metered 15 vessels to measure energy consumption, as well as installing energy efficient technologies like photocells and occupancy sensors.
  • ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia): achieved a 24 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and established a revolving fund for energy retrofits.
  • Richmond School District: led the initiative to have real-time metering and energy management software installed in all 10 of the district's secondary schools.
  • Teck Resources Limited: made energy management an integral part of their mining operations, achieving 16 gigawatt hours of electricity savings in the past two years.
  • Thrifty Foods: diverts more than 90 per cent of solid waste at most stores from the landfill through recycling and has incorporated energy efficient practices like automated lighting controls and CO2 refrigeration systems.

To read the stories of winners and finalists, and watch videos played during the awards evening, visit the Power Smart Excellence Awards webpage.