Our best winter heating tips for your home

Image of hand with digital thermostat

We've compiled the best tips from over the years to help you save energy and money this winter

Many of us know that winter can dramatically increase your winter bills. In fact, between increased heating and other winter energy habits (such as using more lighting for longer hours), the average winter electricity bill can be 66 per cent higher than other months.

One big reason that's true is because space heating alone can account for 40 to 50 per cent of our electricity bills.

Over the years, we've shared lots of tips to help you make smart heating choices for your home. We've pulled them all together in one spot to help you heat smarter and more efficiently this winter:

Turn the heat down, and watch the thermostat

Winter heating costs can go up by as much as 140 per cent compared to the rest of the year. One of the most effective things you can do to control your heating costs is to manage your thermostat effectively:

Draft proof to keep the heat in and the cold out

A drafty home is an inefficiently heated home. If your home is losing warm air to the outside and letting cold air gust in, you're wasting heat. Sealing gaps and cracks can help, reducing heat loss by up to 10 per cent:

Use MyHydro to manage your electricity use and save

Managing your heating habits is even easier thanks to energy tracking tools available in MyHydro.

You can see how much electricity you're using, down to the hour, which can help pinpoint when you're using the most electricity, and you can adjust your usage to find savings.

One family did just that, and their electricity costs dropped by 41 per cent in a month.

Find out more about the energy tracking tools available in MyHydro.

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