Want to lower your electricity bill? Tips on how to save

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Use MyHydro to track your electricity use, then start cutting energy waste

There are many ways to help keep your electricity bills lower, especially in winter, when we generally see an increase in our electricity use.

See our tips below on how to lower your energy costs. You can also view our visual guide [PDF, 559 KB] to help you understand your bill.

MyHydro, your free BC Hydro account online, allows you to track your electricity use daily, down to the hour.

You can view your consumption, identify high points where you may be able to cut back on usage, and compare your home to homes nearby.

Are you using more than the average home? Try putting some Power Smart tips in to action to help lower your usage, and check back regularly to track your progress.

Join Team Power Smart, activate an energy reduction challenge, and you could earn a reward

Once you have a MyHydro profile, join Team Power Smart. Not only will you get exclusive tips, offers and rewards, you may qualify to activate a 10 per cent electricity reduction challenge that could earn you a  reward on top of all the money you save on your bills.

Learn how a editor is over $400 ahead, thanks to Team Power Smart.

Minimize energy waste, and your bills will be lower

You don't have to change your daily activities, but a few changes in the way you use electricity — and in the efficiency of your home — can make a huge difference.

  • Switch to ENERGY STAR®  LED bulbs:  LEDs also use about 75 per cent less energy and can last 20 years.
  • See tips on how to draft proof, insulate your home and manage your thermostat: Draftproofing your home can reduce your heat loss by 10 per cent, and it's relatively easy and inexpensive to do.
  • Know how to use space and baseboard heaters more efficiently: only heat the rooms that you are using and remember to keep them free from obstructions to minimize fire risk.
  • Run your laundry load on cold. On average, three loads of laundry washed in cold water will save you $54 a year when compared to washing in hot water*.
  • If you can shorten your showers by two minutes, you could save an average of $30 a year.*
  • Remember to turn off the lights when you leave a room.
  • Converting cold to cozy: put on a sweater or use a blanket instead of turning up the heat.
  • Buy ENERGY STAR electronics when replacing or upgrading. The most efficient ENERGY STAR television is 30 per cent more efficient than a standard television.

* If electric hot water heating is used.

Other programs to help you improve the efficiency of your home

The LiveSmart BC: Energy Efficiency Program provides homeowners with incentives for home energy efficiency upgrades. Incentives are being offered on air sealing, ventilation, insulation and much more.

Are you a low income BC Hydro customer? We can help you save $30 a year

If you're a qualifying low-income customer, you can receive a free Energy Saving Kit.

Our free kit offers simple ways to help you save energy, reduce your monthly bill, increase the comfort of your home and help the environment. The Energy Saving Kit is a box of easy-to-install energy efficient products mailed directly to the participant's home, free of charge.

The kit includes water-saving products, energy efficient lighting, draft proofing materials (for drafty windows and doors) and other items customized for different housing types and needs. You could save an average of $30 a year if you installed all items of the kit.