Track and understand your business’ electricity use

Customer using MyHydro consumption tools

Track your electricity use with new MyHydro energy tracking tools

Imagine driving a car without any instruments – no speedometer, odometer, or fuel gauge. That's not much different from what it's been like to understand your business' daily electricity use – until now. With the new MyHydro energy tracking tools, business and residential customers now have access to detailed information about their electricity use throughout the billing period.

When you log in to MyHydro, you will be able to see how much electricity your business is using each day and at what cost. See your hourly electricity use up to the previous day in dollars and kilowatt hours (kWh).

Get a closer look at your electricity use

You can't control what you can't measure. The new tools allow you to:

  • Project your electricity use and costs based on actual electricity use patterns
  • Compare your electricity use to other data, such as outside temperature and last year's electricity use
  • Sign up for optional alerts and reminders to help you manage and track your electricity use
  • Export your data for offline energy management

See how your electricity use affects your bill

When you receive your bill, it's already too late to make any changes to reduce your bill for that billing period. But, by seeing detailed and timely information about how much electricity your businesses uses each day, you can find ways to save energy and money on your electricity bill.

The energy tracking tools calculate estimated costs based on your actual electricity use patterns. If these patterns change, the projection will change accordingly, making it possible for you to see the impact of those changes by the next day.

This is especially helpful when you're putting Power Smart tips into action. You can see how your business' usage changes over time. Sign up for weekly or monthly email or SMS alerts to stay on track with your organization's energy conservation goals. Set an electricity use threshold and receive an alert when you are halfway to your threshold or have exceeded it.

Establish a baseline and track your progress

Businesses can use the information about their electricity use to track their baseline energy draw both when their business is running and when they shut down at night. By regularly comparing electricity use against your baselines, it's easy to identify opportunities to conserve electricity or investigate if equipment is running unnecessarily or not working properly.

Information about your electricity use can also be easily exported into an Excel spreadsheet. From there you can use your preferred application to analyze the data.

Get started with a MyHydro Profile

To start tracking your electricity use, create a MyHydro Profile and link your account to your MyHydro Profile. Once you're logged into MyHydro, select “View detailed consumption” to access the energy tracking tools. To date, 78 per cent of customers who have a smart mter installed and are on the Small General Service rate have access to detailed information about their electricity use.

Customers who do not yet have access can expect to receive their information by the end of 2013. Log in to MyHydro regularly to check if you have access.