Team Power Smart Photo Contest: Create your own ad

2009 Team Power Smart Photo Contest, dramatic evening view of Vancouver skyline
Vancouver's Pat Donnelly was a finalist in the 2009 Team Power Smart photo contest with this amazing shot of clouds near dusk at Vancouver's False Creek.

Snap a photo, write an inspirational message, and you could win a Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet

The annual Team Power Smart Photo Contest is back for the fifth year, with an added twist.

This year, we want a photo and a quick message that encourages your friends, family and community to also join Team Power Smart.

You can share what inspired you to join the team. Did you want to participate in the $75 challenge? Are you passionate about a creating a better future? Did you want access to tips, deals and contests? We want your inspiration for joining the team, to motivate others to Join Team Power Smart as well.

Combine your inspirational message with a great photo, and your ad could be featured in a Team Power Smart advertising campaign.

Prizes, judging and public voting

Submissions will be reviewed by a judging panel, consisting of the 2009 Team Power Smart photo contest winner, and representatives from Team Power Smart, BC Hydro, London Drugs and an advertising agency. The panel will select the top 10 submissions, which will then be developed into ads, and posted to the London Drugs Facebook page for a final round of voting by the public.

The winning photographer will also receive the grand prize of a Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet, a Type Cover and a Tucano carrying case. Nine runners-up will receive a $100 gift certificate to London Drugs and a Team Power Smart gift bag.

How to enter

This year's contest is officially open. From September 2 to October 13 submit your photos and message at the London Drugs contest page. Keep the default heading "Join Team Power Smart and Save" or create your own catchy headline.

Write a short message encouraging your friends, family and community to join you and other Team Power Smart members, upload your image and choose from three ad templates.

You must be a Team Power Smart member to enter the photo contest, so if you're already a member, visit the London Drugs contest page to enter. If you aren't yet a member, join today by creating a MyHydro Profile.

2009 Team Power Smart Photo Contest winner, Inside Passage view
Larry Paris won the 2009 Team Power Smart Photo Contest with this photo taken during a ferry ride through B.C.'s picturesque Inside Passage.

Previous winner offers tips for a stunning shot

The 2009 Team Power Smart photo contest winner, Larry Paris, offered his top tips for capturing a great photo in October's Team Power Smart member magazine in BC Magazine. Here's his advice for fellow members looking to take home the prize:

  • Always be prepared — Make sure you're always packing a camera, even if it's just the one on your cellphone — you never want to miss an opportunity.
  • Take lots of pictures — Digital cameras make it easy to be snap-happy. Paris says he often takes 100 photos to get just one good shot.
  • Be patient — When photographing wildlife, bring a long lens, stay perfectly still and silent, and wait for the perfect shot as you might only get one — the sound of the shutter clicking is often enough to scare wild animals away.
  • Capitalize on the season — Fall is the best time of year for photographers, says Paris, who likes to take advantage of the shorter, clear days to capture brilliant sunrises and sunsets.

Finding the right images for advertising

This year, you'll need to think about how your written message combines with your terrific photo.

As Paris says, an image can make or break an ad. The photo should be able capture your attention in seconds and should be clear, recognizable and easy to understand. When selecting images, we like photos that are bright, positive and have an energetic feel. Try taking pictures from different perspectives and unique angles, or experiment by cropping the photo in an interesting way. Do you prefer photographing people? Try to make the shot as candid and authentic as possible. And you can use photo editing tools to enhance your submission!

Complete the advertisement by writing a captivating headline and message encouraging British Columbians to join you on Team Power Smart.

Enter this year's Team Power Smart photo contest now